AdWords tools

Adwords Tools

Adwords Tools

we’re going to look at some Adwords tools that are useful for managing your AdWords account. So after reading this post, you will be able to track conversions, understand the value of Google Analytics. Use the Display Planner Tool to plan and research display campaigns Manage Accounts offline with the Adwords editor. Connect multiple accounts together with my client center. Preview ads in various regions and device type conduct experiments with AdWords campaign experiments. And finally, learn more about your site with Google Webmaster Tools, or the Search Console.

Tracking Conversions

So first, let’s talk about so first, let’s talk about tracking conversions. So one place you can track conversions is within Google Analytics. Now Google Analytics allows you to do a lot more than just track conversions. You can learn a lot about visitor behaviour on your website and see a lot of data such as bounce rates, total users action and even more. Knock conversion is any action you want to measure. So if you’ve connected Google Analytics, you can use your Google Analytics conversions inside of AdWords and see that data right there in your reports.

Now, if not, then you can use the AdWords conversion tracking code. And that’s a code you can get directly from your AdWords account, and still place on your website to track conversions.

Conversion Types

There are multiple conversion types. I’ve talked about two of these before converted clicks and conversions.

Converted Clicks

As a reminder, converted clicks are unique actions, conversions are total actions. So for example, if someone bought from your website twice, after clicking on your ad, just once they’re one converted click unique, but there are two total conversions.

Conversion Types

Now there are a few other conversion types you can also see in your account. One of them is known as view-through conversions. Now these are display based metric. And this is based upon people who saw your display ad didn’t click, but did take an action on your site at a later time. You also have estimated total conversions. So this is an estimate of all the conversions you’ve received because not all Conversions can be completely tracked. And then finally, there’s estimated cross device conversions. This is an estimate of how many conversions occurred after a user switch devices. So for instance, if someone searched for you on a mobile device, but they converted on their desktop, they would be considered a cross-device conversion.

Campaign Planning Tool

Keyword Planner Tool

Now beyond tracking conversions, there are also tools to help you plan your campaigns and do some research. So one of these is the keyword planner tool.

Finding Keywords

So there are several different ways that you can find keywords using the Adwords tools. You can search for related words, put in a word, see some related words from your base, whether you input it, you can use your own website, you can put in your landing page. And Google will give you suggestions based upon your landing page. Push product categories that have some pre-selected words for you. You can even do things like mix and match your own keywords. So if you have a list of four words and four adjectives, you can easily mix and match those and get suggestions.


Now from a planning standpoint, you can see search volume and trend data, then help determine costs and project conversions.

So once you do a search, you’re going to see Keyword Planner search results. And this is an easy way to get ad groups or keyword suggestions for your account based upon your inputs. Along with data about those groups, things like How often this keyword is searched what’s the competition level is like suggested bids.

Keyword Planner Projection

Now with the keyword planner tool, you can also see spending in cost projections. So it’s an easy way to look to see if our budget was this much. And our bid was this much, what’s our possible number of clicks. So along with getting spent in cost projections, you can also get even estimated conversion data based upon your previous conversion information. So if you’ve been using conversion tracking for a while, and you do more research to further enhance your campaign, you can see estimated conversion data, but it’s based on your previous conversion data, not other people’s information.

Display Campaign

Now, if you’re working out a display campaign, you can use the Display Planner. So this is an easy place to search for display ideas. So you can search for keywords, topics or websites. You can also get ideas from your website, just like with the keyword planner tool. You can find top placements by location, good for running geographic-based awareness campaigns.

It could be keywords, interests, topics, placements. Remember, placement data includes apps or websites. And so before you save your plan, you can see their research and you can add various placements interest topics, so forth to a plan, and review that information and even see some demographic information about your chosen audience.

So if you’re doing a lot of research for search, the keyword planner tool is a great place. If you’re doing research for display, the Display Planner Tool is a good place to do some research.


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