Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Affiliate Marketing

Well, I have something for you and that is affiliate marketing, meaning that every time you link a product to your content and someone buys that product, you get a kickback from it.

Now, here’s one thing that you need to know though is that even with affiliate marketing depending on what you’re promoting you still need a substantial amount of traffic, because most times.

Amazon Affiliate Links

For example, if you’re promoting a product that you bought on Amazon and you have an affiliate link for it and someone buys it, the kickback is quite small.

Now despite all of this, I do have a bonus tip for you if you still want to make affiliate marketing work for yourself, even if you have let’s say a lower following or not a lot of traffic, and that is being very strategic with the products that you push now obviously at the heart of it.

you should still push products that you actually enjoy and that you can actually speak to, but if you actually look at the affiliate commissions on Amazon, what you’ll notice is that for each product category there are different affiliate kickbacks.

so knowing the different kickbacks is going to be very advantageous for you if you want to be strategic with how much money you make.

Now here’s another tip that I have for you if you have a smaller following or not a lot of traffic and that is choosing products that are the higher ticket, meaning, even though Amazon is only giving you let’s say 4% Commission.

Not only this, another piece of advice that I have for you when it comes to affiliate marketing is even looking beyond just Amazon, and try to partner with other affiliate programs other companies, other software other services that have a higher kickback in general.

Kajabi Software on Amazon

So for example, anytime someone purchases my link for Kajabi which is the core software that I use. I get this amount. This amount is substantial, a lot more than what I get paid from Amazon, and this amount also adds up over time.

And so my advice for you especially if you’re a smaller creator is just to be very strategic with who you partner with and what types of products you push.

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