Best practices in Facebook ads

Best practices in Facebook ads

The photos you use are vital in your ads. They are often the attention rubbers.

Here are some of the most liked and shared photos on Facebook.

They all play on our emotions. Remember how we used to have to wrap our study books or dream about a holiday destination? What’s the story behind the lady in the car? All these photos are images that people can relate to.

They bring out childhood memories makers dream about what we could have or could do touches our emotions or are related to a current event.

Think about these factors when you add an image to your ads. The same applies to texting your ads.

There are 1000s of words written about how to write your Facebook ads. Here are some simple tips. Start with grabbing people’s attention.

Have no fear promo is here, a very powerful title. Then they go on in introducing the problem and reassuring people that there is a solution.

They then present a solution and address possible objections and close with the benefits professional videos.

Here are two other powerful elements you can add to your copy, use references and offer something for free.

To summarize here are some of the pros and cons of advertising on Facebook.

To me the biggest advantage is the targeting capabilities in place they are second to combine this with the fact that you can get immediate results as soon as you activate a campaign and you have a very powerful marketing weapon in your hands. But remember, there are also some pitfalls.

Facebook advertising takes time and effort to do it right and to measure the benefits you’re getting from it.

Because if you don’t measure the results properly, you may end up wasting money by targeting the wrong audiences or running ineffective ads. And when people get the wrong ads at the wrong time.

You’ll end up with AD fatigue and wasted ad spent.

Key points

There are many elements in optimising your Facebook page, like logo banner about us call to action steps videos the best Facebook pages combined innovative campaigns, creative design, and optimization of the various Facebook features for targeting and advertising.

The Best Facebook posts are geared towards creating conversations and use user generated content to create powerful Facebook ads.

It is good to put your advertising strategy in the context of the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel.

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