Best Practices in Pages posts and ads

Best Practices in Pages posts and ads

Here are some examples of good Facebook pages. Starbucks has always been a best practice when it comes to Facebook.

They integrate their app with their Facebook activity, getting people to engage with Starbucks when they are drinking their coffee in the store. Location finder is a great way of using Facebook to help your customers solving their problems. Like where is my nearest Starbucks.

Nutella used your Facebook page for different reasons. They use it with amazing content that shows the versatility of their product. And very cleverly, they create photos that can be repurposed on Instagram as well. They offer tips, recipes, games, and so on all geared towards driving additional engagements.


Zappos is a good example of how to use your page for customer service purposes. Every inquiry that comes in is answered within an hour.

For them social media doesn’t close on Friday afternoon at 5pm. It’s all about client satisfaction. Even it is means you have to recommend competitors products if you can’t deliver it Threadless has gone the route of user generated content.

Very powerful concept in your Facebook marketing. If you get users to create your content that saves you cost but it’s also a guarantee for people to share it. There’s different levels of user generated content with Threadless.

It is limited to working with a select few designers who create a cover photo. In return.

The designer gets exposure on the Threadless Facebook page. Threadless has also integrated their online store with its Facebook page, so people don’t have to go off Facebook to browse the product catalogue. LL Bean understands what it means to bring focus in your social media.

They use their Facebook page to showcase how it is to work at LLP, thereby promoting themselves as a great employer and they also invite people to share photos of their local events, all aimed at getting people to apply for jobs.

Design is also a very important aspect of your Facebook page. It is key to be consistent and to use your brand identity.

Coca Cola Facebook Page

Coca Cola uses both their Facebook page leverages read as to brand colour, but also in the post you can see that Coca Cola main aim is to promote and share happiness.

Branding your Page

In the branding of your page. You can use colour to convey emotion, whether it is joy, happiness, fun or exclusivity.

Here is an example of how Lexus creates exclusivity, both only in style and colour but also in the type of posts they do. They use Facebook events very effectively to launch their new products and give people a sense of exclusivity by registering livable Football Club is not only about the strong design, but also about giving the fans what they want info about the players and access to store to buy the latest Liverpool football shirts for instance.

And here are some other cool Facebook page designs you can see how the profile photo blends with the cover photo and how brand and campaign messages are being used in the cover photo as well.

Good Facebook Posts

Next, let’s have a look at some good Facebook posts. Here’s one from Nordstrom a simple poll in which they asked people for their favorite shoe.

A great way to do free market research. Aiming at how people love to give their opinion on the things that matter to them. Giving people a glimpse of what’s to come works really well in posts. People are curious by nature.

So if your post addresses the curiosity, there’s often engagement guaranteed. One of the most shared items on Facebook is photos of food.

If you are in the food sector, leverage this by sharing recipes of how people can use your product and ask people to share their recipes you’ll be surprised to see how creative people are with your product or use a food theme in your campaign.

You can also add a sense of exclusivity by targeting a local audience with your posts. Adding a location specific photo to your local post makes it even stronger.

People love to belong to something and if you appeal to their local sense of community, you can increase the chance that they will engage with you. And of course showcase people Facebook is about people show people’s emotions, their excitement, their anger, their happiness, whether it’s your client, your employee or just random people.

People love to get a mirror in front of themselves where they recognise your own behaviour. And it goes without saying always check your posts before you publish on typos, topics and imagery.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads in the sales funnel. Let’s look a bit closer now at best practices in Facebook ads. A good way to look at this is by placing Facebook ads in the context of the sales funnel.

How does the ad help people to go from awareness to consideration to conversion or top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel? Let’s look at each stage.

When people enter the top of your funnel, they don’t know your product or service.So in this case, you should focus on posting very general posts that make people stop browsing on their phone.

Sync about cute fun, shocking educational. Once they stop they want to read your post and you are getting on their radar screen. A good technique here is to get initial organic engagement on your post and then boost it to specific audiences with an ads.

Here’s what I mean. Something very cute, but totally unrelated to the products the company offers. But that’s okay.

Facebook Ad Tools

The Best Facebook ad tool to use in the top of the funnel stage is the Facebook Boost Post feature. But remember, don’t use it from within the newsfeed but use it within the ads manager. It will give you more advanced targeting options.

To summarise make sure that when you are in this stage your posts are very high up in the funnel. don’t promote your product. Don’t ask for the sale make it entertaining instead in the middle of the funnel also known as the consideration stage.

People are familiar with you. Your entertaining posts in the previous stage worked they may now recognise that they have a problem and that you can help them with solving this problem.

The most important advertising feature in this stage is the call to action button in your ad. This stage is all about educating people in how to solve their problem and how you can help them with this.

Facebook Pixel

Using a lead magnet like an ebook that they can download can be very powerful. A very powerful add to indice stage to use is the Facebook pixel.

People that may have seen your awareness ad could go to your website to find out more about you how you can help them fire the Facebook pixel you can then retarget these visitors with an ad to give them that extra push to move to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Conversion stage

In the conversion stage, people is ready to buy from you. They recognize the fact that your solution may help them solve their problem.

So in this stage, you need to serve the different types of ads. In this stage, it all comes down to targeting incentives in your ad and conversion tracking.

Make sure you targeted people that are in the conversion stage. Serve them with ads that include discount trials coupons or buy one, get one free offer. And then make sure you’ve set up your Facebook ads that you can track the conversions.

You could do this by setting up Facebook events. Here’s a good example of conversion ads. Get people to attend an event.

This could be your conversion to a powerful tagline Don’t miss out secure your ticket, solid reasons why they should join, and the button to get the tickets.

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