Google Ad Campaign Types

so those are our basic campaign options. Now, both of the options but there you got to also think about what campaign type you want to pick as well. The several different campaign types with different options. So first off from our high level perspective, we have Search Network with Display Select. This is when your ads are primarily shown on search, but you can get some display impressions for your keywords.

Search Network Only

You have a search network only for summer only is a great setting for those who really just want to reach people looking for your business. As someone searching for your keywords. You only want to show at someone actively looking you want to use a search network campaign.

Display Network Only campaign

The Display Network Only campaign lets you only show your ads across Display Network.

If you want to show shopping ads, or pls product listing ads, you want to choose a shopping campaign.

Use Google Merchant Centre to connect to your shopping campaign your AdWords account so you can show product ads on AdWords if you’re focused on selling products, shopping campaigns, and product listing ads are great to use. If you just want to show video, you can make an online video campaign.

Sub Campaign Types

Now a lot of his campaign types have sub-campaigns. To them as well. You’ve got standard campaigns, and then all features campaigns. The standard campaigns don’t have access to all the features such as ad scheduling, or ad delivery options. So if you want access to all the advanced options, you want to pick an all features campaign.

If you just want to use the most commonly used features by advertisers, then you can use a standard campaign. But if you create a standard campaign ad don’t see an option such as ad scheduling, then you need to make an offer features campaign because that will have options to things like ad scheduling, which is when to show your ads and a timeframe.

Specialty Campaign Types

There are some specialty campaign types as well, that have very specific feature sets that are enabled. So for instance, if you want to use call-only ads, the ad format where users can only call you from a mobile device, they can’t go to your website, you’d want to make a call only ad campaign so with some of the specialty campaigns are limited features, but they’re really focused on just mobile app installs or Dynamic Search Ads or call only types of ads. Now shopping campaigns you want to use for product listing ads so as a reminder, you’ve got to be using Google Merchant Centre. You’ve got to upload this eCommerce fee to use it. But if you sell online products, then this shopping campaign type for product listing ads is a great campaign type to use.

Display campaigns

Now with display campaigns, you can choose marketing objectives if you want to, such as you want users to see your ad, build awareness of your sites. Or if you want people to influence consideration that’s a different marketing objective. We want users to do when actions such as in-market buyers, which isn’t one of our audience targeting types. Then you’d use the drive action business type. You can also choose no marketing objective and then you have just access to every feature that’s available for the display network. And then there’s Search Network with Display Select. So this shows you on both networks with one campaign and allows you to use just one budget and still primarily show search but get a few display impressions and clicks as well.

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