let’s talk about careers in search engine optimization. Depending upon where you go with your career, either as an individual or part of a larger team, your experiences will be completely different. Performing SEO as part of a large international company will provide completely different challenges and experiences than working with small businesses or even an agency. Each has its own dynamic work environment, hierarchy, and responsibility. Because of this, you may have more freedom to try things in some organizations and a much more limited and focused responsibility and others. Now while all organizations are different, there are some common elements that you can expect in each of these types of businesses. I’ll cover what you can generally expect if you are working at different types of businesses. Enterprise, small or medium-sized business agency, SEO company, or as an individual.


When working with an enterprise-level company, there will be significant differences from other work experiences. For starters, this is where you will most likely work on a large team, as there are 1000s to millions of pages within the website. Usually, there will be international websites, multiple languages, and subdomain structures to account for many levels. Products Or businesses within the enterprise. Typically, when working as part of a large team. The direction or strategy of the SEO is up to the director level or higher. So there is no variation outside of the set scope of work.

Now some of the frustrations enterprise-level SEOs have expressed our frustrations with other departments. There may be conflicts with it or with programmers who do not see your requests as a priority. And other departments may take precedent and overrule some of the tactics that may be necessary for optimal visibility. large organizations can be siloed this means that each department typically works independently of each other. And sometimes there is very little crossover influence into other departments.

The upside is the vast scope of work within your responsibility. Dealing with that amount of pages in international websites languages will provide you experiences that most SEOs may never encounter. Your problem-solving abilities will be tested to find workarounds and you will have to address issues that arise from past programmers and SEOs. Developing your people skills is essential, but that will help you wherever you go.


Working as an SEO with a small to medium-sized business has unique challenges as well. The biggest is that SEO may not be the only thing you do. In this context, the more skills you have, and digital marketing disciplines you understand, the more valuable you will be having experience across programming design and other marketing skills is essential alongside your SEO knowledge. As an SEO, it might be part of your responsibilities, and you will have much more input on direction and strategy. Most likely you’ll answer to a marketing director or a VP or the owner. Again, you’ll be working alongside a variety of people and personalities.


Agency SEO can be in different forms, a full-service marketing agency or a strict SEO agency, or a digital-only marketing agency. Each has its own unique style of handling customers, the services they offer, and responsibilities. Most likely, you’ll be part of a small team and have additional responsibilities. Your SEO knowledge will be enhanced with an understanding of additional disciplines like analytics, paid search, design and programming, and other marketing functions. The biggest advantage to working in the agency space is that you’ll be exposed to numerous types of websites and many different types of businesses and business models.

Every day, you will have different challenges as you may be working on an E-commerce site, then the next day a publisher after that you may spend a few days on keyword research for a new client.


If you’re opening your own SEO company, then this experience will be like no other. You are the CEO you are responsible for everything from gaining new business to then working on that business. Sales and personal skills are key as you have to convince people to trust you with their websites. Then you have to perform the mix of personal and technical skills is critical. You will have to work harder than if you were at a company. To some, it is too much responsibility.

For others, embrace this and love the challenge and the overwhelming amount of hours required to start and run a successful business. You’ll learn to deal with different websites, fix old ones recommend new ones. You’ll also have to deal with the website owners who may not have the budget for changes or want to deal with a website.


Of course, this is only a brief overview of what you may find at different companies. The amazing thing is that SEO skills can lead to so many other opportunities. Software companies need marketing, so they need SEO. Even more amazing is that some SEOs are hired by search engines who are better to hire than those who already understand how a search engine works. However, some SEOs develop skills in other areas and find that they can bridge into those areas and develop specialized marketable skills. Many SEOs have branched out and become content developers, or by finding their niche in programming. They have moved into design and development. SEO is a core skill to marketing online.

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