Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Tactics For Customer Retention

Digital Marketing Tactics For Customer Retention The most effective digital marketing tactics for customer retention are by far email campaign, which remains number one, social media marketing, content marketing and to a bit of a lesser extent referral marketing. So some channels and tactics are more effective to entice a positive response from your target …

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis overview Now analyzing competition is the easiest and early activity that an SEO can undertake. It comprises checking the keywords that the competition ranks for and studying their content is this the content that you eventually want to rank for? This information is useful in building your content, keyword phrases. There are four …

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends Let’s see how those tactics have evolved from the traditional approach to the digital world. What are some digital marketing trends? Marketing has evolved in many ways. For example, brand awareness budgets tend to be reallocated to conversion optimizations activities, broadcasting and marketing blasts are now one on one marketing and marketing …

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Customer Conversion

Customer Conversion

Conversion Learning Objectives. you will know about what is considered the most important outcome of any marketing activity conversion. you will be able to define what is conversion, discuss macro conversion and the metrics used for its measurement. Discuss how marketing touchpoints play a crucial role in evaluating channel effectiveness and explore conversion for various …

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Engagement Learning Objectives This post is about to define what is customer engagement, recognize our customer gets engaged through content and functional features, discuss micro conversions and the metrics used for its measurement. identify. Our Remarketing is an important strategy of engagement. When we think of engagement, the first thing that comes to mind is …

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Customer Acquisition

what is customer Acquisition Different Marketing Channels and Their Benefits This post will make able to define what is customer acquisition, it identifies the different marketing channels and there are benefits. Identify the techniques to choose the right marketing channels for the right and goals. Discuss how to leverage Big Data and automation for customer …

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email marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Introduction Email Marketing over the years So what is email marketing? One thing you should have noticed about the email industry that over the years email has not changed very much. That’s because email is not technically owned by anyone entity as opposed to social media, which is owned by a company they …

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Digital Marketing courses

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses 2022

You will find the Top 10 digital marketing courses available online. The list includes courses from reputable academies.  1. Google Digital Garage  2. Digital Marketing by Reliable Soft Digital Marketing Academy  3. Sem Rush Academy  4. Click Minded Digital Marketing Course  5. HubSpot Digital Marketing Academy  6. Digital Marketing Course by Udemy  7. Digital Marketing …

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