Social Media Marketing

This category is about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Other Social Media Networks.

Facebook Business

Facebook Business or commerce With the increasing Commerce on the internet, it is obvious that e-commerce is also moving into Facebook. In fact, for years, social commerce has been an important word in Mark Zuckerberg vocabulary, enabling people to open a shop front in Facebook and then linking it to their existing online shop. But …

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and content marketing. You’ve probably heard about content marketing. Content Marketing It is defined by the Content Marketing Institute as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. Shot Gun Approach Today, content and social media work hand in …

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snapchat marketing

Snapchat Marketing

Marketing with Snapchat After reading this post, you should be prepared to realize the unique style and format Snapchat users enjoy applying to their photo creations to understand when to send snaps directly to users versus when to leverage stories and to realise the value of celebrity takeovers and when to use them. Keep Few …

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Linkedin marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing. This is LinkedIn marketing. After reading this post, you should be prepared to explain the global demographics of LinkedIn. How members tend to use the system to create a daily plan for leveraging the information available in your LinkedIn newsfeed to understand the difference between your profile page and your networking page, …

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social media contents

Best Tools to Create and Manage Social Media Contents in 2022

Manage Social Media Content Manage Social Media Content: Good users with the right tools can save a bunch of time. Whether you’re looking for content inspirations or you’re looking to create awesome infographics or you’re looking to track hashtags for your social media strategies, or anything else in between, I’m going to show you a …

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