Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Let’s see how those tactics have evolved from the traditional approach to the digital world.

What are some digital marketing trends? Marketing has evolved in many ways.

For example, brand awareness budgets tend to be reallocated to conversion optimizations activities, broadcasting and marketing blasts are now one on one marketing and marketing automation.

Push tactics like cold calls are now self-service pull marketing tactics. Instead of merely measuring visits to a website, we now strive to measure real users, customers, people in face of an ever diminishing efficiency of ad banners. Marketers who do more sophisticated segmentation and real-time adjustments. They also do planning cycles and fixed in stone marketing campaigns are now embracing agile management concepts. And finally, the discipline used to be called web analytics is shifting toward analytics, where the goal is to understand the business context, leverage all the data at our disposal, and propose innovative solutions to continuously improve outcomes.

There are numerous tools to support you in this transformation. Forbes identified top trends driving marketing, those should serve as guidelines in your digital transformation.

New Trends of Digital Marketing

New trends are emerging all the time in digital marketing. An interesting article on Forbes highlights a few points we should remember, focus on the complete customer journey experience across all touchpoints and for the whole customer lifetime. We also want to measure with a purpose Some call it an analytics tool. But business objectives need to tie back to revenue customer retention, satisfaction and profit a bit like we discussed when we talked about the ultimate goals.

The rise of the marketing technologist and data scientists and senior roles like Chief Marketing technologist reinforces the importance of understanding the marketing technology landscape and leveraging data and analytics to improve and optimize your marketing campaigns.

The era of broadcasting and shouting on every possible channel is over so you want to personalize every experience. You want to create better and more videos especially immersive experiences and high-quality videos. The usage of social media marketing is evolving very quickly. The rules on Facebook, for example, have changed in regards to promoted posts. And you want to engage in a real and genuine conversation and be natural on social media.

You can leverage social media advertising to present your ads and braise the Internet of Things. Bacon sensors, Edge Service T intelligent TVs, intelligent clothing, but be careful of abuse of those concepts and technologies.

chatbots and artificial intelligence

chatbots and artificial intelligence are becoming mainstream. They are preemptive services, automation, and ways to guide consumer behavior. Right time marketing the right person, the right channel is becoming very important in marketing. The marketing leads to the digital transformation of campaigns within the organization by demonstrating how it affects the customer experience and outcome of those campaigns.

Digital Marketing Strategy 

If you want to develop a digital marketing strategy, see how those points could be leveraged to your advantage. This is exactly what Navdy a Silicon Valley startup did with their head-up car display device. Nafti is a California-based. It offers a head-up display for your car and an Internet of Things device. It connects to car sensors to provide voice recognition, just to our control, a camera a GPS. They started with absolutely no internet presence and gradually cranked up their marketing through a mix of branded and direct responses. Offline and online campaigns PR paid search search engine optimization banners remarketing social presence and ads, etc. So products are affected by those innovative marketing trends. And those also change the way marketers do their work.

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