Another thing that you could do is an unpaid internship, When I was starting out, I was doing stuff for free all the time. Sure, I was offering my services for free, but I knew that money is not always the only way to gain value, especially when you’re just starting out, if those unpaid experiences that you have right now will end up helping you to land some ideal clients in the future, then all the time that you spend doing stuff for free, are worth it.

But if you’re not okay with unpaid service, perhaps you can talk to your client and negotiate with them what I call as portfolio projects, meaning you can tell your clients, hey, I can do 10 captions for you, or I can plan out one content calendar for you for free, but just don’t make an ongoing thing where you’re always working for free, just make sure that you’re doing a damn good job because later on you can convince your client that they can hire you because you’re doing such an amazing job. So if you need some experiences before you can land that amazing social media job or the dream clients of yours, just go out and get it, even if that means you have to hustle for a little while.


On the other hand, if you want to become a freelancer, one of the best places to find Freelancer gigs are through upwork..

Upwork is one of the largest freelance websites on the internet, you might be surprised a lot of big corporations like Microsoft or Airbnb or hiring on Upwork, so you might be able to find yourself some really nice freelance gig on there as well, but keep in mind that searching for freelance gig online is not the only way to find your clients, you can also go offline networking events, conferences, wherever your clients are, go out there print some business Car Show them your portfolio and start talking.

Alright guys so far in this post you’ve learned my five steps to becoming a social media manager, I don’t believe that I have the special talents or skills that you don’t have. So grab the opportunities and explore your talents.

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