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A Bitter History that Leads to Update Facebook Algorithm today

January 13 2018, goes into the Facebook history as a significant day. So much so that Facebook lost nearly $119 billion market fell you in one day. It was today that Facebook announced to clean up the newsfeed Zuckerberg said in a statement that they got feedback from their community that public content like posts from businesses, brands and media are crowding out the personal moments that lead people to connect with each other.

Tsukuba continues that it’s easy to understand how we got there. Video and other public content have exploded on Facebook in the last few years. But what he doesn’t say is that Facebook is a big culprit itself in polluting the news feeds by pushing more and more businesses into advertising. And by offering more and more places on Facebook, Instagram and messenger to advertise and all this pollution of the Facebook newsfeed is driving Facebook away from the most important thing it does, helping people to connect with each other.

To cut a long story short, Facebook has dropped organic reach to less than 3%. And businesses now understand that they have to pay to play or in other words, use Facebook advertising to reach their audience. So we’re in the early years of the Facebook page. You could build your audience and your brand organically on Facebook. Use Facebook ads to give your reach a boost. Nowadays you have to pay to play. But don’t let it scare you. It doesn’t have to be expensive. And Facebook has created an amazing advertising platform that can help you achieve your business goals. And don’t worry, there are still ways that you can beat the Facebook algorithm and improve your organic reach. 

Facebook Algorithm Today

The Facebook algorithm has to make sure that it selects the most relevant posts for you from the 1000s of potential posts that may be displayed in your newsfeed is analyses the posts and arranges them in a way that you would like to see them.

Its aim is to give you a better overall experience. It does this by looking at four different elements. 

It analyses these posts on various factors called signals, and it predicts how you would react to the posts he then summarises all this with a score and the posts with the highest score will feature higher in your newsfeed.

Let me explain the signals to you on the next slide. These are the signals Facebook looked at before the clean up announcement. Time spent on the content overall engagement when it was posted story type, how informative is to post but with the cleanup, Facebook fine tunes the algorithm. And here is what it’s looking for.

Extra Focus on Engagement

Now the Facebook algorithm will now put extra focus on the engagement on the post and the usage of other Facebook tools like Facebook Live or Facebook Messenger which means business posts that do not drive engagement like commenting and sharing will not show up in the news feeds both with short videos, quotes, quizzes, polls, and links to other websites are now being demoted.

So what can you as a business do about this? That’s not an easy question and many businesses are still searching for the answer to this, but let me give you a few tips. Let’s look at today’s top ranking factors in Facebook.

Top ranking factors in the Facebook algorithm for the cleanup of the newsfeed businesses use their posts to get people to click. We call this link bait to watch a video or view an image and by hovering over it. These were all passive actions.

Nothing to do with engagement in the new algorithm Facebook now looks at three interactions, commenting, sharing and reacting. Commenting is at the core of the updated Facebook algorithm. posts that will lead to high volume of comments will show high in the newsfeed these are the posts to generate conversations between people. Comment baiting is definitely a no no in Facebook these days.

Facebook will demote posts that use engagement bait like comment, vote react or share. The algorithm will also reward posts that are being shared. Facebook likes posts that are shared within messenger and also business posts that have engagement when shared by friends. But sharing alone is not enough.

FBook will favour dos posts that are shared and lead to conversations between people. Facebook also likes it when you use reactions, although not as powerful as comments and shares but it remains a form of active engagement. FB will promote your business posts to more people when people used to reactions buttons on your posts.

Tactics to Increase Organic Reach

So here are the new tactics that will help you increase your organic reach of your business posts. Call for quality instead of quantity. post once a day instead of five times a day. Understand and analyse your friends. Check when they are online and post accordingly. Think about your content. Create specifically for Facebook and use video and Facebook Live.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a key tool that will help you improve your organic reach. There is also a little secret in Facebook called see first when somebody likes your page. It is set at default when they liked your page which means all your business posts will go through the Facebook algorithm.

when you set it as see first your posts will guaranteed show up at the top of the newsfeed of your fan. Analyse your posts and see which posts have lots of engagement. Recycle these posts or boost them with advertising.

Learn from other Facebook pages. Experiment with your content and certainly make sure that you will reply on every comment you are getting. Another way of driving your organic reach is to start using Facebook groups.,

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