Facebook business Manager

If you manage multiple pages, it may become a challenge to organize your pages and access the various other Facebook services.

To help you with this, Facebook has created the Facebook business manager to manage your ad accounts, your pages and the people with the various user rights all from one convenient place.

It also gives you access to the various reports to show you how your ads are performing. Let’s look at it in a bit more detail.

Key Elements to Setup before Using Business Manager

When you are at the business manager or Facebook, the first screen that you will see is to set up your business manager and what I want to show you is to three key elements that you need to set up before you can start using your business manager.

You can add your pages, you can add your ad account and you can also add the people who will be working on your pages or your ads. So they can use business manager as well. And once you’ve completed the setup.

Facebook will then connect all your pages and your ads to your business manager and you are ready to use it. So to use the business manager you go here to the top left, and you click on Business Manager and that’s where you see the structure of your business manager there are four elements that you can use in the business manager.

Collaborative Workspace

There is the planning, the creation and the managing the measuring and report and the assets. So in the creative hope you would create a collaborative workspace where you can work with your college on creating and developing your campaigns.

There is also the Create and manage. That’s where you have access again to your main business manager to the ads manager to your page post. Lots of tools that you can use to manage your ads and your pages. Then here you have everything in relation to measurement and reports.

So you can set attribution, you can analyse the difference of phases of your campaigns, and you can also set events that’s where you can manage conversions and again, we will come back to these later in the training.

And then here you can manage your assets, like your catalogue your business locations, and you can also specify websites where you do not want your ads to be seen.

Finally there is the library of videos that you may have. So lots of tools that you have available to manage your Facebook pages to manage your Facebook ads, and many of these will be covered later in this training.

The Business Manager is not suited for everybody. If you are running a single page without any advertising. It may be inefficient for you to use it. But when you manage multiple pages, have a team of people working on it, have many creative assets and you want to keep it all secure then Facebook business manager will be vital for you. If on top of that you also want to do extensive analysis on the success of your Facebook activities. Then Business Manager is a must.

Facebook also has an easier way for you to manage your Facebook page and that is through the Facebook page mobile app by clicking on the mobile app, it will take me through the activity page. And that’s where you can see what happened on your page to different posts that you’ve done messages that you received.

Different Areas of Your Page

There are different areas of your page that you can manage. First you can access on the top left you see which pages you manage under your account. So you can see here that the same four business page is active.

You then on the top right have your settings and these are kind of a summary of the settings that you have on your desktop.

Like your messaging, you can set the push notifications, your page info, your editing of the page roles of the different people that can use your page, and you can set the activity log at and so on.

You can even set the band’s users on this in this section then in the center of your page under the learn more call to action button. Do you see your publishing buttons you can click on publish that gives you almost a similar publishing experience as on the desktop.

You can add photos you can add videos you can add your location you can upload photos, you can upload videos, and promote in an event. And then at the bottom you see the five different icons and they are very important.

You have the home icon is the flag. Then you have your analytics and that’s where you can see your summary of the analytics of your page.

Message Inbox

You have your message inbox. So when you’re on the move, you can immediately check the who has sent you a message and you can respond to those messages as well.

You have your notifications and then if people have visited or any other last thing that you’ve done on your page, or did you get any messages, and then the icon on the bottom right leads you to the set of tools which is almost a kind of a summary of your Facebook business manager where you have your sharing tools, business tools, and some other apps that you can use

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