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Facebook Business or commerce

With the increasing Commerce on the internet, it is obvious that e-commerce is also moving into Facebook. In fact, for years, social commerce has been an important word in Mark Zuckerberg vocabulary, enabling people to open a shop front in Facebook and then linking it to their existing online shop. But the next step is to let all this commerce take place in Facebook, and of course on the mobile.

On top of that, Facebook now features many different ad types that shops can use to promote your products linking back to the online store.

Now watch this space we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to set up a Facebook shop. Connect your Facebook shop with E commerce sites like Shopify.

Create a Facebook catalogue. Use Facebook dynamic ads to promote specific products and promote your Facebook shop. Facebook has many options for E commerce. You can set up a shop on your Facebook page and tailor it to your own products.

These products can be presented on your page and you can advertise for them as well. And you can also add a catalogue to your shop which gives you the opportunity to promote and target your product advertising more specifically.

Setting up your Facebook shop

Facebook allows you to set up shop on your Facebook page. By doing this you can promote your products on Facebook and over prices for your product. You can also add a shop now button.

Once people click on the products it will take them to their website where they can place the order they want to buy directly into the shopping trolley.

Setting up a Facebook shop has many advantages. You don’t need an existing catalogue so you can add an unlimited number of products you want to feature in your shop. Like any shopping catalogue.

Facebook allows you to organize your products in collections so people can easily find the products they are looking for. And by activating the messaging button, people can ask questions or even place an order to create your Facebook shop, you have to add a shop tab here on the left side menu.

Setting shop 

Now the way to do that is to go to the settings and then in the settings, you click on the templates and tabs. And then here you see you currently haven’t got the shop as a tab so you click Add tab and that’s where you have a shop.

So you simply click Add tab and that means your shop has been added. And then you can drag the shop to a higher level in the tab menu. Then you can go to the settings of the shop where you can switch it on and off and where you can also copy the URL of the shop. But the main settings of the shop are also within the tab when you are on your page.

Terms and Conditions Agreement

So now that we’ve installed the tab for shop. you now see on the home page of your Facebook page. you here see as the third item to shop, click on the shop. And the first thing obviously you need to do is to agree to the terms and conditions for your shop.

You click Continue. And then you’re basically going to set up all the details in your shop now the first question you need to answer yourself is how do you want people to buy the products from your shop.

They can either sent you a message to buy you can activate that or you can drive them to your website, for instance where you have your online shop.

Linking to a Page

You can just get them to the link of that particular page. So for this demo sake, let’s click message to buy and we’ll click on Continue. You select the currency and then you click save and you’re getting to the next screen of your shop setup where you’re going to add products and you can also add the description of what you sell. So when I click here on describe what simply business sells may have 200 characters to describe what my business does. So I can just add for instance for the demo sake social media, training product and surfaces and I click save changes and then I’m going to add products so if I click on Add product, you’re going to add facials for your product.

You can add a video of your product you can add name, the price, whether the product is on sale a description of the product where you want to share this product on your Facebook page.

You can get inventory information, different options about your product like sizes and colours and how you want it to show up on your page and who do you want to be able to see the product.

Adding Products

So let’s add some products. Here we’re going to go to the photos that were dragging from the desktop. So let’s say that is product one. And we’re going to use that this is Social Media book and the price is 10 pounds, and the description how to attract date and love your customers on social media. This gonna leave these are standard options, and I click Save. And now I have my first product added and I can add more products so you see how the product features in the product list.

I can add my next product and add a photo select files here I’m going to product number two.

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