Facebook Setup in 2022

Facebook Introduction

Facebook was one of the first social media networks that made it through to the masses and they have been leading the way ever since.

Their main objective is to give people the power to build communities and to bring the world closer together. They do this by enabling people to share and express the things that are important to them and discover what’s going on around them and in the world. As you can see in this mission statement of Facebook, they encountered a lot of problems in 2018 to deliver on this promise.

Privacy of User Data and Fake News

There have been lots of issues around the privacy of user data and fake news. And Facebook is doing everything it can to address these issues that are touching the essence of Facebook’s existence. This site from the website hosting rating.com gives you an indication of the sheer size of Facebook.

At the end of q2 2018. Facebook had registered two-point 27 billion monthly active users and 88% of these users use Facebook on their mobile phone. Another interesting statistic is that there are 80 million business pages on Facebook, which means there are 80 million businesses out there that use Facebook in some form to grow their business.

Here’s another way of looking at that data on this website. You see what happens in Facebook every second like the number of likes, number of status updates, number of photo uploads or number of Facebook live broadcasts and many many more interesting statistics.

In summary Facebook’s presence is phenomenal. And if you add Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to these numbers, you will understand that Facebook is the dominant player in the social media landscape.

Facebook Nowadays

This is what Facebook is today. A platform for people, businesses and developers with Facebook ads being the monetary value that runs through the Facebook ecosystem.

At the core you find the Facebook platform which is the foundation for Instagram, Facebook pages, Facebook, personal accounts, Facebook, messenger and WhatsApp.

Obviously, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, messenger and WhatsApp are all different apps. But the Facebook platform is the gateway for all of them to the advertising platform for businesses and the apps and Development Centre for third party application and service providers.

It’s an extensive Facebook ecosystem. And this course will be all about taking you through the various components of it and how you as a business can benefit from them.

Starting your Facebook journey.

Whatever you do on Facebook, you must have a personal account. This is the starting point of all your Facebook business activity. So why do you need a personal account when you have a business page and you start advertising on Facebook? There must be a real person behind it with a credit cards.

to get started on Facebook for your business, the first thing you need to do is to create a personal Facebook account. You can do that on your desktop, or by downloading the app on your mobile and then sign up for Facebook.

Setup Profile

Once you’ve got your account, you can then add your profile photo and the banner and you can add your bio. If you click on the Edit profile, you can see that you can add a lot more like your current town your workplace education. You can put a lot of data in here that Facebook may be using if you agree for targeting you with advertising.

Connect with Friends

Once you’ve got your profile set up, you’re ready to connect with your friends. You’re ready to connect with some pages. But Facebook does not allow you to use your personal account to promote your business.

So in that case, when you want to use Facebook to promote your business, you need to set up a Facebook page. And on the mobile, you do that by pressing on the little hamburger menu on the bottom right where you see create page and then when you create a page and you click to get started, Facebook will take you through the process of creating your Facebook page.

You can also do that on your desktop and that is what I would recommend because it is much easier to enter your company data on the desktop than doing it on the little screen on your mobile phone.

Facebook options for business

Your Facebook page is not the only Facebook tool you have available to promote your business. In fact, the power of Facebook lies in its diversity in tools you can use as a business in this chart.

We show you how you can use the various options based on what your business needs, who you want to reach and how effective it is for advertising.

To summarize, you can use Facebook groups to bring people together around common interests. You can use your Facebook page to build brand awareness you can choose to develop one-to-one relationships with your customers through Facebook Messenger.

Use Instagram 

If you want to make your business come to life, then Instagram is a very powerful social network. And finally, if you want to leverage live streaming or video to connect with your audience, then Facebook Live is a great option for you.

Each platform has its own specific reach and its own specific advertising options. Most businesses understand that the Facebook page is their home base for everything they do on Facebook. Whether this is sharing posts, setting up a shop or advertising it all leads back to your Facebook page.

How to Make People Like your Page

A very important aspect of running your page is to get people to like your Facebook page. People that like your page may see your posts in their newsfeed but if you want to make sure you reach them, it is now commonly understood that you have to pay by using Facebook advertising to reach your target audience.

Some of the best examples of Facebook pages are Red Bull Samsung global and Oreo. Their success is based on many factors, but they use it for various reasons. Businesses use Facebook for brand exposure targeting specific audiences developing loyalty around their brands or they use it to lower the marketing costs by using a relatively low cost channel to reach a global audience.

key takeaways 

Marketing is changing fundamentally moving from push to pull from one to many to one to one. The new social media platforms that drive one to one communication between businesses and their customers are the messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

socialbakers.com and Facebook IQ are two excellent sites to get more intelligence about Facebook adoption by Country region and segment. There are multiple products from Facebook that businesses can choose from depending on their business requirements.