Find Your Niche On Twitter

Find Your Niche On Twitter

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Now, part of what ties into that is the idea that you have to sort of find the area of specialty or the topics that are really a good fit for you on Twitter, your niche doesn’t necessarily mean the topics you focus on, it might also mean the way you engage or the styles or the content of the posts that you put out there.

Keep in Mind

Now, when it comes to figuring out an approach to a topical niche, you want to keep in mind that there’s not really a formula other than being unique. And I know that makes it hard to kind of put your finger on. And these days, if you’re looking, you know, around 2021, at what’s going on, well, there’s also everybody being somewhat sarcastic, and, you know, throw in a few insults towards the people that are responding to them not in the mean, mean way but in you know, funny kind of way. That’s kind of what Twitter has become.

So the thing you need to ask yourself is what is it that you can do differently? What about your approach? What about your style, what about the type of content you put together, can be unique.

Examples of Niche Topical Contents


Now, a great couple great examples of brands that have sort of embraced that idea of that niche topical content, Arby’s has done an amazing job of pretty much taking directly on gaming culture by creating food art, whether they’re creating art using their little horsey sauce, or Arby’s packages, as you can see on the left or over on the right.

They are constantly creating three dimensional, you stop motion animation, short little gifts that are built out of basically the containers that the food comes in, you know, the wrappers, or the straws or whatever, and everything that they build is either directly related to pop culture, or usually more often to gaming culture. And that really, really has been a great fit for them. And it’s opened up a pretty broad new audience.

Innocent Drinks

Now we can also look at a brand like innocent drinks which is a brand in the UK that makes pre-packaged smoothies and they basically on a regular basis share sort of cheeky weather reports you know, we don’t want to scare the son away because it actually came out for a minute or you know, it’s it’s summer outside right this second then there might be a post that comes from them.

You know, two minutes later this like up too late, you miss summer hits over again because you know, they’re in the UK, so that’s what they can play off of. Again, it’s just something that’s different and unique. And that’s what really makes it resonate with people and so when we think of the idea of focusing on some type of niche topical area, that’s what you.

Want to be thinking of is what is different and truly unique and unusual, not just unique as in your they’re not just unique because then you’re really creative. But again, what’s what’s different than what everyone else is doing.

Be Positive

Now, as I mentioned, things like snark and throwing shade are really big on Twitter right now, Twitter users tend to respond really positively when brands kind of clap back at them on Twitter. But there are quite a few brands that have joined in. So you can see the example over on the left.

Wendy’s is known for having a four for four deal, where you get like a burger and a drink and chicken nuggets and fries for $4. So Burger King came back with a five-for four. And they added in a chocolate chip cookie. So when people would respond to Wendy’s and say, you know, hey, what do you think about this? What are you firing back, and Wendy’s comes back with edible food, which they constantly come back with when people ask about other fast-food brands, or even staples Canada, getting into the mix with.

Now, again, I caution people to be careful with this because it really does take just the right combination of skilled writers working for your account that can really kind of read the scenario and the right type of audience. Because not everyone loves this. And well, it’s popular right now, I think we have to be very cautious of when’s it going to kind of reach its endpoint? And when are people going to go to you know what, I’m actually kind of tired of everyone being mean to each other. So proceed with caution if this is a direction that you want to think about going.

Videos Feed

Basically, if you you look at the popularity of snarky brands like Wendy’s, and you want to try and emulate them, keep in mind that being popular doesn’t always mean a sales boost. So when we look at behaviors consumers want from brands on social 33% Want to see them be snarky 86% Want to see them be honest, 83 want to see them friendly. 78 helpful. 72 funny. So again, well, it gets a lot of attention right now because it’s a little bit unexpected. It’s still something you want to be cautious with as you move forward.

Create A Niche Around the Conversations

Now, there’s also the potential to create a niche around the conversations that you might be having. Maybe you’ve decided you want to host a Twitter chat, or maybe you want to participate in things like account takeovers with influencers, there are plenty of ways to creatively leverage your account like this.

So for example, with a Twitter chat, if it’s not something you’re familiar with, basically, you choose a day, a time, and a hashtag, all of which are promoted in advance around the particular chat that you’re going to host.

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