Google AdWords Tools in 2022

Google AdWords Tools

Those are Adwords tools to help scale accounts, there’s a lot of other really useful tools to use. One is the ad preview and diagnosis tool.

This lets you see if your ad is running in multiple locations on different devices and preview what the ads look like.

So if you go to this tool, and you do a search for your keyword in a location, you think an ad show, but you’re not in the previous hole, say no your ads aren’t running for this particular search, then you could do a keyword diagnosis, go to the keyword itself.

However this speech bubble and you’ll see your quality score, expected informational color scores and if your ads showing or not, and if not, why it’s not showing.

So this is a great way to preview the ads. And then if their ads aren’t showing, then do a keyword diagnosis. I looking at the specific information for that keyword to find out why it’s not showing.

AdWords’ campaign experiments

Now as AdWords campaign experiments, sometimes just called campaign experiments, lets you test things like different ads or bids or landing pages.

So essentially, you can set up a test and say, I want 40% of my traffic to be the control and 60% to be the experiments.

This is the percentage of the control versus experiment entered into the auction.

Then you can designate an ad an ad group, so forth as a control or as an experiment. And this lets you then very easily test different ads, different landing pages, so forth to see which one is best for you.

Google Search Console

Another useful tool that’s often not included in AdWords information is what’s known as the Google Search Console.

This has had a lot of names. So it’s commonly called Google Webmaster Tools or Google Webmaster Central. It’s now called Google Search Console. It’s all the same thing. It allows you to see organic information about your website.

Now if you have one of these and you have to verify your domain and you connect it to AdWords. Then there’s another report you can see called the paid and organic report.

This will show you how your paid ads and organic information interact with the Other.

IP exclusion Tool

Now finally, there’s something known as the IP exclusion Adwords tools. This is a campaign level tool.

It lets you exclude a particular IP address or range of IP addresses from seeing your ads. So what’s important here is that certain ISPs share IP addresses across users.

If you were to block one of those IPs, you may be blocking a lot of users just important to note if you look at web blogs, but if you don’t want a certain IP to see your ads, you can easily block it with the IP exclusion tool.

Key Points about AdWords’ Tools

  • Number one conversion tracking, you need to use conversion tracking to really get at the data necessary to make good decisions. So you can use Google Analytics goals to track conversion data. Or you can use the AdWords script to track conversion data.
  • This is important to look at now converted clicks is how many clicks lead to conversion conversions are the total number of actions that occurred.
  • Now if you use the AdWords conversion script, it should be placed on the thank you page that thank you for visiting us. Thank you for shopping with us. Thank you for our form page after the user does an action, you can change the cookie link of the average conversion code. The default though is 30 days.
  • If you manage multiple accounts, you’re an agency, my client centres are useful to link multiple accounts together.
  • When you want to manage accounts offline, then use the Adwords editor.
  • if you need to make large scale changes to your account, and the API is very useful to get into, but you have to know how to code and get a developer token on the ad preview tool. Once you see how your ad would appear on desktops or phones in multiple locations.
  • If you look at the ad preview tool, and you don’t see your ad showing, then one a keyword diagnosis report to find out why.
  • If you want to do some tests, use the campaign experiments tool to run tests across your account.
  • There are certain IPs that you don’t want to see in your ads. You can use the IP exclusion tool to block your ads from showing on certain IP addresses.

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