Ideas and Pinterest Opportunities

IDEAS and Pinterest Opportunities

Do you think she started off doing a bathroom and she was going to do a kitchen as well to just make things much easier to be able to collaborate and quickly get that visual understanding? So great opportunity to kind of, you know, test popularity and see what people think. But it’s also an opportunity to sort of open up new ideas.

You know, we can thank Pinterest for every mason jar and chalkboard that you saw show up at a wedding that was in a barn in the last you know five to six years or all the do it yourself classroom Valentine’s gifts that we see pop up now.

Pinterest Opportunities

Pinterest steers but it also gives you the opportunity. If you look close to saying, here’s how I can leverage this. In fact, I walked into a Michaels craft store a couple years ago and laughed out loud because right there in the front of the store was a display that had pretty much all of the items that Michael sells that were related to all the things that I had pinned on my Valentine’s idea board to help my kids put together for their Valentine gifts.

So clearly whoever was doing the displays within Michaels was watching Pinterest to see what the top pin Valentine you know gift ideas were so that they could make sure all of that was easily accessible to people. But it’s also things like, you know, scrolling through Pinterest one day and I came across these painted rain barrels. 

It was a great opportunity for us to say you know what, we can take this to the next level. And let’s just not do this as a workshop where we talk about it and send him home with a plain barrel. But let’s have a follow-up event where you know we have someone come in and the way you might do like paint and sip.

We’re going to have things available so people can paint their rain barrels and get you to know, something that’s visually appealing, put in place on their property as well. And all of those ideas come from seeing those trends, seeing things that pop up on Pinterest and saying here’s a creative way that we can leverage it.

Research on Your Content

Now if you want to know if people are pinning your content, there’s a simple URL shortcut you can use and we also have this URL, shortcut walkthrough that will help you figure out what content from your site is being pinned. And it’s basically and then your and you can see an example here from Damn It’s a cooking site, but I can also run that same search for ThinkGeek or for constant contact and I can see all of the content off their website that people are pinning.

Pinterest Advantage over other social Media channels

This is a great way to do some research on your content, but it’s also a great way to do some competitor research now another key area in which Pinterest offers some advantage over some of the other social channels is the idea of segmentation.

Now, when you think about it, you might have certain areas that are of value for you to really dive deep on a certain topic. But with most channels, again, we want to make sure that we’re playing the sort of the common denominator. So if you’re a lifestyle brand like REI, yes, you’re gonna have rock climbers you’re gonna have hikers, you’re gonna have bikers, you’re gonna have campers, but you maybe don’t want to go crazy, crazy deep on, you know, being a 100-mile marathon tracker, you know, the people who do the super long distance marathons because it’s not going to appeal to your broadest audience.

On the other hand, that’s an audience that tends to spend a lot of money on products. You know, if you do, you know, people who might hike the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail, you know, people who are going for months at a time, so it’s difficult for brands to really be able to dive deep in their presence on other social channels. without risking alienating other people.

Setting Up Individual Pinterest Boards

But because Pinterest allows you to set up individual boards, and because users can follow the individual boards rather than just the overall brand. That gives you a lot of potentials to say, hey, we could really benefit from exposure and consumer research by diving deep on this one specific topic.

Most people are going to have a mix of both of those now the curation approach is going to be about collecting content, you’re looking for content that supports your brand, whether it’s lifestyle based or yourself based or inspirational. You can use this to gauge user reaction so that you can figure out what topics seem to have a really good amount of interest so that you can invest in creating your own unique and original content around that. That leads us to the idea of the creation approach.

This is keeping tabs on what type of content performs well, but balancing it with your business needs and your SEO needs. You want to test content styles, and fine-tune your approach by using that curated content to say here are the areas that we want to, you know, work and invest on creating new content for now, wrapping all of this up.

Pinterest really offers a wide range of value. There’s a lot of different ways to use it. And again, even if you’re not going to use it to market directly, I’d encourage you to think about how you might be able to leverage it for reset research or collaboration purposes for your team. Most brands and marketers still consider Pinterest a secondary channel, but it does offer one of the most robust environments for engagement, traffic sales and consumer insight. So look at the opportunity to leverage it wisely.

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