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LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing.

This is LinkedIn marketing. After reading this post, you should be prepared to explain the global demographics of LinkedIn. How members tend to use the system to create a daily plan for leveraging the information available in your LinkedIn newsfeed to understand the difference between your profile page and your networking page, and to execute a customized search on LinkedIn for prospective business contacts.

Understanding LinkedIn

Now when we look at LinkedIn as an overall concept, it’s important to understand that well it is that sort of superpower Rolodex people think of it as it’s also more than that. Now, of course, LinkedIn took our old-style Rolodex and contact list and basically made it bigger faster, and the benefit is shareable because that means that you can also see who your connections are connected to.

And when it comes to networking when it comes to getting advice or resources or information that makes it a lot easier for you to leverage those existing connections to be able to help you get the introductions, the information and the contacts that you really need to do business well.

Now LinkedIn is more than a Rolodex. In fact, there’s tonnes of tools that they’ve introduced over the last several years. So whether it’s about boosting your credibility, to getting insight on your skillset to utilizing their publishing platform as part of a lot thought leadership campaign, to integrating with groups and networks and leveraging ads, basically LinkedIn functions as sort of a sales and networking toolbox and especially within the community, Lucky robots really one of the social media channels that we see that has an extraordinary amount of power and potential.

The Reigning B2B Social Channel

Now, in terms of the b2b side of things, it really is the rating social channel there’s more than 467 million active members worldwide. And that makes LinkedIn the single largest professional network in the world.

Global Reach of Linkedin

Now, LinkedIn also is excellent if you’re doing business globally, because 133 million LinkedIn users are US-based but the rest of them which means 72% of total, LinkedIn users are actually located outside the United States.

we see those numbers continue to grow, especially as we see a much higher adoption rate I think, now, some of the critical usage stats that I want to throw at you to just kind of give you a reminder of how people are integrating with the site, there’s 106 million active monthly users of the service.

So again, there’s a large portion of people who use it, but it’s a smaller amount that are really logging in on a more regular basis. Now 40% of those active monthly users. So 40 and a half or 41 billion active users are logging in on a daily basis. Those are kind of our you know, regulars that are really getting in there to do that. That regular every day connecting and networking.

Power Users

Now there are 3 million power users. These are the people that are sharing content on the service on a weekly basis. So when we compare LinkedIn to something like say, Facebook or Twitter, it’s important to remember that while people are logging in, it really is still a pretty small user base that’s actively pushing out content on a regular basis.

Most people are using it, to check in on connections to be able to add those contacts as they make them. It’s a very, very small percentage that is really out there publishing content. And again, as we go through the series, you’re going to see that there are some benefits to that because that means that the competition level is going to be a little bit lower if you want to purposefully make yourself one of those power users.

Average Session

Now along those lines, understand that the average user spends about 17 minutes a month on the site. Now to give you a little perspective on that the average Facebook user spends more time than that per day. So again, there’s a big difference in how often we tend to go. But that’s also because there’s a job with doing well, we’re there. So it’s important to keep in mind that it’s about you having the opportunity to maximize the tools and the features and the networking possibilities of LinkedIn. And it’s still growing to that point where you can use it so much as sort of publishing or content.

Now, again, that doesn’t mean there’s not a tonne of potential the tonne of potential exposure, especially when we consider that only about 3 million people are sharing content on the service on a weekly basis. But I do want to give you that perspective when you’re thinking about the time and effort you might put into LinkedIn, as opposed to some of the other channels.

Constantly Connected

Now another thing about LinkedIn is that users do tend to be on the site of all hours, but the method of access changes based on time of day, and that’s one of those things that can be really handy to keep in mind. If you’re doing targeted advertising and you’re selecting what type of format you want to put up or maybe how you want to depart and schedule the app. Now, at all hours we see people accessing on the phone. on tablets, we see a spike in the morning in the evening again, when people don’t tend to be sitting at their desk during work hours. Not surprisingly, we see a spike in access taking place in desktop systems, you know, via your laptop or you know, at your office.

So again, it sort of trends and tracks with what we might expect based on the fact that it’s predominantly business professionals that are engaging with this channel.

LinkedIn for Business

Now the good news for business is that there is plenty of opportunities here for prospects. In fact, roughly half of LinkedIn users report that they’re likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn. So especially for those of you that are doing b2b sales and you’re doing prospecting.

There’s a lot of opportunity here to keep in mind that people are leveraging LinkedIn is part of that research process. When they’re looking for enterprise solutions. You know, especially if you’re looking for training if you’re looking for, you know, high end enterprise software solutions. This is one of those places where they do tend to turn to get information and to do research.

LinkedIn Overhaul

Now LinkedIn also underwent an overhaul in early 2017. And the goal here was to help users focus on what LinkedIn views as its core features. Now you’ll notice that when you look at the new LinkedIn, it’s starting to much like most social channels, they’re all starting to look a little bit more alike. So yes, there’s clearly some influence that’s coming from channels like Google Plus and from Facebook. But the idea here is again to make it easier for people to get the full benefit. So that they come more often so that the community here tends to grow a little stronger.

LinkedIn ‘s Goals

Now basically LinkedIn his goal with all of these changes, is to help boost daily engagement. Gain. You’ll notice a lot of the different design changes that have come into play are very similar to that layout that we see on places like Facebook and Google Plus.

Basically, everything LinkedIn is built and added is designed to try and make LinkedIn, the Facebook of the business world the place that you come for daily updates in the morning for connections with relevant contacts and influencers.

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