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Do you know what actually local SEO is? At the end of this post, you’ll be able to summarise the history of local search and how new technologies have made local search a reality. Define NAP(Number, Address, Phone Number), and explain its importance in optimising for local. Give examples of directories that play a big role in local SEO. And finally lists some of the top signals that affect local search results.

Local search

The search engines and put massive resources into developing the visibility of local and regional businesses in the search results. In addition, the massive increase in the prevalence of smartphones over the past few years have made location-based searches an expected everyday occurrence, people expect to find results based on where they are immediate.

Here’s the basic idea behind local. Now for a long time in the past, search engines wanted to be able to provide results based on where you were in the world in a very precise way. They were able to use this somewhat by using the IP address, and they could approximate where you were. But it wasn’t always that accurate. What they really wanted to know is where you exactly were within feet or metres.

Now, this technology has evolved considerably, and in a very short amount of time, using location technology like GPS and Wi-Fi. These factors now enable search engines to know your location and provide incredibly accurate and thorough options for your search.

NAP-Name Address Phone number

So what’s at the core of this? Well, it’s the acronym and a p. N stands for name, A for address, and P for phone number. This is the most critical factor for any business, not just in local SEO. But for locals, it is critically important. All you need to do is on your website, specify one name for your business, one address, and one phone number.

And then when you put that into different directories like Yelp, or yellow pages or whatever you may be using, you need to make sure that you have exactly letter for letter, the same name and the same address and the same phone number. Unfortunately, this gets convoluted. Because the search engine spiders index a classify information.

Business Information can be classified separately, all because of the slightest variation in the business name, or address, making it look like a separate business. Now a human would easily be able to identify the difference and classify the variations as a single business.

Search engines can’t do that yet. Start on your own website, specify one name for your business, one address format and one phone number and then use that same identical name and format. When you set up your accounts at different websites and directories like Yelp or yellow pages.

Unfortunately, this can be difficult. Any inconsistency will cause problems. Again, a human might be able to figure this out easily. But using the examples, a search engine would consider these two separate businesses at the same address. Or because the address format is different. It may even be considered two different businesses at two different addresses.

Do you see how that works? So search engines do not usually know that they’re the same business. And this causes all kinds of problems. So let’s pretend that your address is 123. Happy Street Suite three. You could spell out sweet, you could use just the abbreviation for it. And there’s actually two abbreviations for sweet. You could also use unit instead of sweet, but sweet numbers and abbreviations are where people lose their consistency.


The last part of this is directories. So directories for a while now has been a bit of a bad word. It used to be a great way of doing SEO until it got abused. In fact, it got abused and overused, and abuse was that people would charge a lot of money so that you could be listed in a directory. And now in modern days, directories are not like they used to be. And they’re not that useful.

Getting links that way and doing link building through directories, it’s not going to be greatly helpful. However, the big exception to this is with local SEO, there are important Iwai piece internet Yellow Pages. There are also things like Yelp, or Urban Spoon, where people go and submit their local businesses. Real human beings pick up their phone and they go to the Yelp app and look for businesses. And because real human beings are using these, unlike the directories of the past, this means that you want to have your business there.

So in some ways, directories, at least in the local space have returned. A great example of this is local or even national business associations, chambers of commerce, business associations, industry associations, and other directories that can be good places.



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