internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

Every year since the commercialization of the first smartphone Panetta has claimed it to be the year of mobile, now that there is smart Internet of Things devices all around us, internet-enabled data rich and oftentimes untapped marketing opportunities with their fair share of privacy and security risk.

Mobile is a Platform of its own

Nobody, it’s not a channel. It’s a platform of its own. Mobile is now the dominant device. The latest surveys reveal, it now represents seven in 10 Digital Media Minutes. While many vendors in the customer engagement industry look at mobile as a communication channel for customers, most consumers do not a convincing and appealing mobile customer experience must

Mobile Marketing Best Practices

Mobile Marketing best practice some marketing tactics specifically adapted for mobile are optimized for micro-moments, short, specific user goals for people on the goal.

Go Paperless send invoice by email. Send time-sensitive service alerts and notifications using SMS base coupons adopt Apple passbook Google Android Pay Google Wallet, Amazon pay or one of those payment applications that provide Apps Mobile card and membership benefits. Leverage augmented reality apps such as Pokemon Go, which was a tremendous success and a great example of augmented reality. But there are also more serious applications like Google silent Sky Map for stars observation or Google Translate ability to instantly translate what you are looking at and of course, numerous applications in the tourist industry.

Mobile trends

We want to track users not devices. And this is only possible through user authentication. So we want to provide incentives and value to entice people to log in and sign in. To have those users are authenticated on their mobile device.

These techniques will gradually install the application as each of the features is being used.

Google is backing up projects like AMP accelerated mobile page, so that the user experience of mobile is actually faster. Marketing automation is obviously impacting the mobile world and location-based marketing is supercritical.

There’s a growth in voice search activation and voice recognition.So as we as we see from these points, the mobile trends are overlapping with other aspects of today’s digital marketing practice. And progressive web apps in MP are the equivalent of today’s modern, responsive and fast-loading websites.

The Internet of Things devices

Embedded Risks of automation and the Internet of Things

The ubiquitous presence of connected devices also raised concerns for privacy and security.

Key Points 

  • Mobile is a platform, not a channel, your marketing strategy should aim at providing a convincing and appealing mobile customer experience that leverage multiple channels available on a mobile device.
  • Mobile Marketing is treating trading at a rapid pace and understanding those trends can help marketers stay ahead of the competition.
  • Internet of Things is an umbrella concept. Although they represent opportunities for new marketing scenarios. Not all of them are relevant and appropriate.
  • IoT also potentially introduces an unprecedented level of risk from a brand perception privacy and security perspective.


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