Off-site Engagement and link building

Off-site Engagement

If  you’re going to build links to your own website. One of the most effective ways is to engage off your site in off-page SEO.

How would you go to someone else’s website? Well, think about other human beings. Human beings are much more likely to link and give back to other human beings that they know well.

Now sometimes this is through social media networks are great ways to find like-minded people and learn about them. Social networks are great places to research your audience, see what they need, and also see how they talk about their industry.

Look for people there who have similar interests, or see what they’re trying to promote and befriend them.

Don’t give a sales pitch. They might never respond to you but have a conversation, create relationships with people so that they like to know and trust you. And you’ll have a benefit from that.

I typically spend a lot of time promoting other people and learning from other people to build up a good relationship.

So when it comes time for them to write an article, they may contact me to see if I’ll link to their article. And then the same with them.

Utilize Offline relationships

One of the reasons that Link building is so hard is because everything moves so fast online, especially with social sharing.

Sometimes one of the more clever and easy ways to avoid this is to go offline, utilize some of the relationships that you have of the internet in order to benefit on the internet.

So this might be some friends that you work with might be people that you actually know in the real world, they might be more likely to help you promote new content online. It also adds to off-page SEO.

So when I’m doing link building, one thing I’m focused on is people that I know can be personal friends, other business associates friendly competition, or just some friends in the space, and we like to help each other out.

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