On-page SEO : Do Not’s

Keyword Stuffing

The first one is keyword stuffing. Now back in the early days of search engine optimization, people used to increase the instances of words on the page. Now this is well before natural language processing.Well, search engines, they’re very smart about this. You’re not going to rank better for any given phrase by including it a dozen or more times on the page. Focus on writing content that engages with your visitors and uses language naturally.

Hidden text

Now the next one is hidden text. Unfortunately, I still see this. This is when you write content that is solely for search engines and not for people now typically is attempted by writing a lot of repetitive keywords as text.You see this was developed as another way to add more keyword stuff text without the user seeing the overuse of keywords.

Search engines read the HTML and in the HTML or the instructions for colours. Probably better than a human Now secondly, it’s done to hide repetitive keyword stuff text, which is the second thing against you. These outdated unprofessional tactics will most likely get a website penalised by the search engines.

Repetitive Anchor Text

The next one is repetitive anchor text. You may have found a link to a page when looking for a business or information and instead of the information you want, you get a page that doesn’t feel like it was written for people. Every sentence is redundant, repetitive and almost every keyword is linked even when there doesn’t need to be a link it confuses the flow of the information on the page. Now, again, this used to be a tactic that sometimes would work but it’s no longer helpful.

Search engines and their natural language processing algorithms have advanced significantly. Search engines will figure it out. Please don’t waste time on redundant links trying to inflate the relevance of your links and pages.


The last thing to cover here is cloaking.Now, this is related to the rest of the tactics I just covered.Well, it may have worked if the search engines discovered it on your website.

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