On page SEO factors

On page SEO factors

Sometimes you may find these as lists, but I found it a bit more practical to separate them into categories. Typically every year you’ll find these collections of lists from surveys, experts or speculation.

Those tactics that not only make your website these factors are the tried and true factors over the years that have worked consistently. Also, those tactics not only make your website more effective with users, but they also tend to do well with search engines. So if a tactic serves that dual purpose, it’s a good tactic. So these are not exclusive and hack to lists for every situation but guides and indicators for you to use.

Top ranking Factors

The top on-page SEO factors from surveys opinions and data are these a

Relevant page title.
Page headings.
Anchor text links.
A keyword-based URL.

a keyword or contextual file names such as page name,image name, or PDF file name,alt text and images.


Websites connected to your website.

Domain Authority

The real business information tied to that domain, such as the business address is the same as the business registration address for the domain, in addition, the signals from social accounts driving visits to the domain functionally, the search engines also utilise some attribution based on the quality of programming of the website. For instance, taking care of the basic search engine protocols of the robots.txt file, XML sitemap, and HTTPS protocol. Websites that implement these features have shown that they are familiar with search engine guidelines and protocols.

Page Speed

How much time is taken by your page to load completely.

Mobile Friendliness

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will be limited invisibility, as Google’s primary index is focused on mobile devices and mobile delivery.

Behavioral factors

These include the number of users that search for a brand name,  business name and go to that result showing brand awareness also the number of direct visits.

How many results are clicked? How many times did they return to the results? This evaluation is looking to judge if the results presented were satisfactory or deficient for that query.

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