Pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Marketing with Pinterest? After reading this post, you should be prepared to explain why Pinterest activity tends to have a late impact on traffic and on sales to list five key ways in which Pinterest can benefit brands to outline the difference between created and curated content as part of a posting strategy and to create three new content ideas after using Pinterest for consumer research.

Why are you using Pinterest?

Now, one of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself as you’re moving forward in the Pinterest marketing world is why you’re using Pinterest. We can spend all the time we want understanding how Pinterest works, why it delivers this image or that image, but you really need to understand why you’re there in order to make the most of your time and of your efforts.

Marketing Potentials

So when we talk about marketing potential, let’s hit a couple of numbers because everyone loves to hear the numbers right? This is what gets us excited.


The average pin drives two visits and six-page views the average pin is worth approximately 70 cents the US in sales. The average pin receives 11 repins.

Now roughly half of the visits occur three months later, and half of the orders occur two months later, and that’s that latent part that I want to talk to you about. Consider that when the visits occur later and the orders occur later, a lot of times it’s because people are scrolling through Pinterest, repenting content, but they’re not actually clicking through to look at the content they’re pinning.

It’s not until a later point when they have a need for that information that they go back and start to sort through the content itself. You might pin five recipes or six couches or, you know, two or three different articles or infographics. But it’s not until you know you actually have the time and the need to sit down and really digest that content that you visited.

So again with Pinterest, a lot of the activity occurs upfront, but a lot of the follow-through conversion doesn’t happen until later.

Now when I mentioned that bit about the average pin receiving 11 repins. Keep in mind, that makes the average pin roughly 100 times more viral than the average tweet. So again, lots of potentials for things to spread here.

Other Benefits of Pinterest

Now there are some other benefits to Pinterest as well. In fact, one of the things that makes Pinterest unique among social channels is the ability to mark to impact marketing indirectly.

So Pinterest has amazing content planning potential. That’s one of my favourite usages for it when it comes to clients.

Use Pinterest to Better Understand Consumers

Now a great example of this is setting up the tools to properly measure how people are engaging with your content.

Tool : Curate

Now there’s a tool out there called Curate that would actually look at which images people were interacting with the most on your site in terms of repents and shares. And a great example of this is there was a clothing company that was using Curate and they found that they had five different images that people could click through for a coat that was on their site. 

Now also we see things like showing you know the most pinned images from specific brands or websites and there was a period in time where 48% of the top 10 Most pinned target products, all led to out of stock inventory. Now again, that’s a great way to say as you monitor what’s taking place on Pinterest, there’s the potential to change. Hey, here’s how much of this we need to order here’s what we need to keep an inventory or here’s what maybe we want to put on sale versus what Hey, it might sell whether we ever put it on sale or not.

We’re going to drive plenty of it. So again, there’s the opportunity to leverage Pinterest and some of its data to better understand consumers and what’s going on. Now you also have the ability to incorporate it into your buying or sales product. You know, we talked about using it to keep tabs on breaking trends or content.

Customer Experience

But there are also people out there that are using it is part of the customer experience. And we see this a lot with things like realtors, or you know home designers and, you know architects and such. And there are some great examples out there of people using these boards to collaborate with their customer base. To say, hey, let’s put a board together, show me what you like or I’m going to put together a board of ideas you go through and click on the ones that you like the best and favourite them or like them, and that’s going to give people a much faster, easier ability than having to carry around, you know, big binders of you know, examples and information.

A great testimonial Here is someone who said they saved a client around $2,000 In billable hours because doing the first bit of shopping online and putting it on a Pinterest board, it saved a tonne of time. So it said the client feels I’m good at my job because I was able to get her style so quickly and they’re really happy with the process and they were actually going to move on.

Key Points of Pinterest Marketing

  • Now our key points from this post are that it’s important to remember that a large portion of connectivity is latent, meaning it can happen months after the original pen occurs.
  • Also that Pinterest has strong traffic potential driving more referral traffic than Facebook and Twitter for a lot of different brands.
  • Pinterest offers a rare opportunity to study consumer patterns and interests and opens up the door to amazing marketing insight.
  • Finally, Pinterest activity should be a mix of creating and sharing new content .


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