Setup Facebook Local And Facebook Place

Setup Facebook Local And Facebook Place

Another area in Facebook Marketing, where you need to integrate your Facebook page is pro when you run a local business.

It is vital that you set your page up as a local business to leverage local features and opportunities to feature in local search and to enable people to check into your local business when they are in your premises or near you.

You have two Facebook tools that can help you with this Facebook, local and Facebook Places.

Facebook Local is an app that people can use to find and share local things like restaurants and shops. Facebook Places are very basic Facebook pages that include your business info that people can like and can rate.


Facebook Places is for people who want to check-in when they are at a certain location. Businesses don’t create a Facebook page.

It’s the user when they check in and they can find a place they can check in as normal when they can’t find a place they can create it themselves and check.

Businesses can check if somebody created a Facebook page for their location and then they can claim the place as theirs. What most businesses then do is to turn the Facebook place into a Facebook page that’s why you won’t find many place pages anymore.

Over the years most pages have been claimed by the business. If your place does not exist, you can create it from your mobile. 

Again, I would like to emphasize you don’t control your Facebook place page until you claim it. If you don’t claim your page, you may not know what people are saying about your business, or what competitors are showing next to your place listing.

So it’s important that you check if there is a Facebook place for your location and then claim it. This will give you the ability to communicate with your audience and to check your place insights.

The second area to focus on when you are a local business is on Facebook Local. 

Facebook and Non-Facebook Marketing Tools

The Facebook Local homepage shows you where you are on the map and it gives you the top locations of the businesses around you depending on what you search for.

I am on the map. And if I click on food, it gives me the local businesses in relation to food. Now you see that a lot of those businesses can have organized events and activities that you could find here as well.

Here is the name of the restaurant or relish at the Gateway. You can see it’s open now if I click on it, it gives you photos of the menu for instance of the location. 

A person can start the business you can check in at the business. You can add it to a list of favorites you can get directions, you see the opening times telephone number.

So we this a fantastic additional presence. You can have on top of your Facebook page. Were particularly focused on the locality of your business. And if you look further, you can look at events I can search for food events. And then in my direct area.

I can get here different events that are organised by the different venues that are in my direct environment.

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio is a management tool for Facebook content creators and page managers who manage multiple pages and have lots of content and creative assets.

This tool lets you publish and schedule content check insights, Manage message inbox, manage monetization settings, manage your content library and add sound to your video.

Additionally, it gives you access to the rights manager and the royalty-free sound collection. To bring the Facebook video creators together.

Facebook launched Facebook for creators, a new community where they can showcase and share their videos monetize their content, discover new content and news and learn how to develop their Facebook presence.

Facebook is aware that most of their video creators are using their mobile to create videos and contents and they can now use the Creator app for this.

The Creator app lets you manage your page, interact with your community and get detailed insights on the performance of your content.

You can also use it to create and publish videos and live broadcasts. Now let me share some third-party apps that will help you with your Facebook marketing. Short stack is a tool that lets you create Facebook campaigns.


I love Canva This is Photoshop on steroids. I do most of my creative work on Canva. The free version gives you all the relevant tools.

You need it to create exciting social media posts or any other graphic. I also use it to create infographics. You can save the visual or post it directly on your Facebook page or any other social network.

Facebook ads compass is a Facebook ad campaign rater from HootSuite. It gives you all the metrics you need to check if your ad campaign delivers the right results.

If you need to present your campaign results to your management, then this is the tool you should use and it’s free.

Headline analyzer gives you feedback on the headline of your post or your blog post or any other headline you want to publish. It gives you feedback on title lengths on sentiment and keywords.

The good thing is that it also gives you recommendations for improving your headline.

The Facebook page barometer is a simple app that scores your Facebook page on reach engagement, people talking and negative feedback.

It can also show you how you are comparing to others. What I like about this app is that you can also use it on competitive pages. So that gives you a good benchmark for your own score.

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