Snapchat Brand Takeover

Snapchat Brand Takeover

Now, another thing that some brands look at and it can be worth considering depending on sort of who your target audience is what your budget looks like, is the idea of a brand takeover. This is something that we used to see pop up occasionally on Pinterest and then kind of migrated over to Instagram and Snapchat. And the idea here is that a brand partner with an influencer on Snapchat, and allows them to take over the channel for a day creating or compiling a story something that’s sort of from their perspective, but still has some brand parameters attached to it.

Sour Patch Kids with Logan Paul: High-End Influencers

A great example of this is when Sour Patch Kids paired up with Logan Paul was really well known on both Instagram and on Snapchat was popular on the vine to basically film high jinks and pranks In New York City.

Now the stunt compiled millions of views and over 120,000 new followers on Snapchat. Their first story had over half a million views and by their fifth, they had 6.8 million views.

Again, it was really just Logan Paul and the two Snapchat mascots kind of doing various you know high jinks friendly things pranky things all around New York City, and just posting them and saying hey, here’s what we’re doing. Now it’s important to remember that a takeover like this can cost a lot of money for a high-end influencer.

Low-End Influencers

You’re easily looking at you know six digits, even for a low-end influencer. You’re probably looking at, you know, maybe a couple 1000 minimum. So it’s not going to be the type of thing that’s for every brand. But it is something that’s worth giving some consideration to or even figuring out a smaller way to do it and letting one of your employees kind of do a takeover for the day you know giving different areas of your business. The chance to represent and to put their information.

Now, as I said, the idea of his Snapchat takeover, it doesn’t have to be a celebrity, you know, it could be an influencer. It could be an employee, a public figure. There’s a lot of different ways to come at this. So the idea of looking for maybe an influencer in your industry that maybe he doesn’t even have a really big following on Snapchat yet.

Maybe they’re well respected elsewhere. But they have interesting things to say, you know, they there’s credibility with them. And sometimes there’s going to be an opportunity for you as a brand to maybe partner up with an influencer who’s looking to build their own following on Snapchat, but who also has again, the credibility and recognition that maybe also add something to you and maybe there’s opportunity there to be able to come up with an idea that’s going to cost a little bit less because it’s mutually beneficial.

You know, maybe it is going back to that idea I mentioned of letting an employee takeover and focus on you know, specific personality type or you know, maybe the lifestyle of what some of your employees like to do, you know, on the weekends that maybe is a good fit for your target audience, you know, brands like Patagonia could definitely embrace that one if they’ve got people that you know, go hiking or you know, BASE jumping or different things.

Customer Takeover

The idea of a customer takeover, maybe one that’s run through contests. Where it’s not so much that you give a customer direct access to do the posting. The idea is that you’re soliciting the snapbacks from your audience, and you’re going to repost them as part of a customer takeover.

You know, a lot of opportunity with that. The thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure you’re taking precautions if you’ve got someone else who your actual actually literally giving you the ability to post, you know, again, whether that’s an influencer celebrity, a public figure or you’re letting a marketing group put together even a made-up character.

Make sure that you’ve got some precautions in place, you have some brand goals outlined any limitations outlined, and if it’s possible to be there in person to sort of absorb what’s going on. That’s usually a pretty good idea as well.

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