Snapchat Marketing is Authentic, If done Right

Snapchat Marketing is Authentic, If done Right

Now, Snapchat really has done an excellent job of pulling out a lot of the millennial millennial audience, primarily because there’s not so much of a marketing feel to it. When Snapchat is done, right.

It really feels authentic to users because again, there’s not really add scrolling by in the same way you know, your grandmother’s not there, you know, sharing 50 million forwards and copy and paste this to your status.

It feels to the younger generation, like a place that’s there where they can just be yourself.

Things don’t have to be so polished and perfect. So that’s one of the things you want to keep in mind as a business is again, as a smaller company. It gives you a little bit of an advantage because you don’t have to have the same technology and capabilities and sort of polish to the content that you’re creating. When you’re on Snapchat that you might need to on you know say a Pinterest or you know, Facebook.

Snapchat for Business

It’s really important to make sure that before you start to leverage Snapchat as your business that you have a personal account set up, you connect with some friends, you follow some other brands and you look to see how other people are using it because for a lot of companies there’s that desire to just come in and right off the bat, hit it with that perfectly polished marketing perspective and on Snapchat, as of right now, that doesn’t play so well.

So it’s little things like when you’re taking your pictures or you’re shooting your videos, videos and images display in portrait format, not in landscape. format. So you want to make sure you capture them that way. You know, don’t hold your phone sideways to take the picture or shoot the video, because that’s what’s going to be required of the people on Snapchats that are looking at your image and they don’t want to flip it they want to be able to just keep scrolling through the same way they use everything else.

So again, little changes like that, that you know seem really easy once we get to know them. But if you don’t take the time to think about the difference in how people use Snapchat can kind of slip you up a little bit.

Snapchat as photo Editor

Now it’s also things like considering the drawing tools and I know for a lot of brand managers this almost feels silly to be like I’m literally you know, pushing this little pen button and picking a color and scribbling all over my picture. And yet that’s how people use Snapchat.

That’s the authenticity that’s what it feels like to customize that pen color you know, add a filter to a picture. Add little heart stickers all over something that’s cute. You know, add your little text description across the bottom Snapchat users love to doodle on pictures and videos, they love, you know, snappy little, you know, captions that go across the text box on the bottom.

So have some fun playing around with those and again, spend some time observing how your user base you know, post things follow people look through their stories, look to see what’s going up online and find ways where you can mimic that style while still staying true to your brand and your goals and what you want to communicate.

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