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Marketing with Snapchat

After reading this post, you should be prepared to realize the unique style and format Snapchat users enjoy applying to their photo creations to understand when to send snaps directly to users versus when to leverage stories and to realise the value of celebrity takeovers and when to use them.

Keep Few Things in Mind

Snapchat will it’s reached sort of that tipping point of adoption rates still hasn’t really reached the point where it’s broken through into mainstream marketing. So a couple things that we want to keep in mind are that a lot of your competitors probably haven’t figured out how to leverage Snapchat yet.

Again, unless you’re dealing with a major brand or you know, sort of an early adopter first movers that target millennials. Outside of that most of the Brand Channels and companies still really haven’t done much more than maybe dip their toes in the water. And so there’s a lot of opportunities here to potentially get a first-mover advantage.

And that’s why taking the time to familiarise yourself with Snapchat, going in and running some searches to see can you find any of your competitors there? Can you find any like-minded or maybe complementary businesses and looking to see what they’re doing and how they’re engaging can be a really good way to get some sort of ideas of where the marketplace sets and whether or not you’re going to have the opportunity to again come in as that first mover.

Sending and Receiving Snaps from connections

Now one of the other great things about Snapchat is the fact that followers can send you their snaps, and those snaps won’t be viewable to the public to get if you think of a direct message on Twitter or you think of you know, messages coming through a Facebook messenger that sort of quiet private back and forth dialogue.

There’s a lot of opportunity for that on Snapchat. And so that opens up the door for some good engagement but also for things like contesting and marketing purposes.

Encouraging those consumer-generated submissions

encouraging those consumer-generated submissions can be an excellent way to kind of tease people with potential without necessarily costing yourself a fortune. So for example 16 handles which is a photoshop in New York City they ran a campaign where it was from you know the certain dates during certain hours if you snapped a picture of you or your friends, tasting the flavors because there’s been a free taste in there.

Just take a picture of yourself doing that and just literally send the staff of it to love 16 handles to their account. When they got the picture. They’d snap back a coupon. Now it might be 16% Off 50% Off or 100% off but there are two keys here. One, because snaps disappear 10 seconds after you open them.

People can’t check to see what the discount is until they’re literally standing there at the cash register, ready to touch it and show it to the person who’s checking them out. So you’ve kind of got that that benefit in that creative way to say yeah, you might get 100% off but you might also get you to know, 10% off. So there’s a fun element to it. And people kind of have to be ready to go ahead with a transaction without necessarily knowing what that discount deals going to be.

So it kind of changes up you know, that discount side of things a little bit. So looking at creative ideas like this, you know those random contests or you know, saying hey, well, we’ll give it back to everyone, here’s exactly what you’ll get.

Now even besides things like surprise discounts, or you know the direct messages back and forth of you know, share things with us. A lot of companies are finding creative ways to leverage the combination of stories and direct snaps to run other types of contests. So for example, Delta Airlines set up Snapchat Geofilters all over Los Angeles.

Engage and Tell your Stories

Now there’s also the idea that making use of your Snapchat story to get that message out that that’s absolutely critical. You know, it’s using your Snapchat story is kind of like the email marketing of Snapchat or you know, having something posted right there to the front page. Or, you know, front page of your website or pinned on your Twitter feed or your Facebook feed. It’s trying to make sure that it has exposure to everyone.

Multiple Pieces of Content for Value

That story section opens up the door for you to create sort of a revolving door of, of content and value the really the most obvious marketing channel on Snapchat, because they last all day, and anyone who follows you can view them and you can continue to add to them. Even as you know the first image or you know, the first little video snippet times out, there’s always new ones coming up. So it’s sort of like an ongoing narrative or dialogue from your brand to your Snapchat users, users. So thinking about the different ways that you might be able to offer value. And again, looking at some of the examples of what brands out there are doing.

It’s a great way to say how can we leverage this and probably the closest thing I could equate it to is the type of content that we might see pop up on, say Facebook Live. So Taco Bell in the United States is a great example of this. They regularly put up what they call Taco Bell menu hacks, where they will say, you know, here’s the completely made-up name of a food item. And then here are the items off our menu that you order and here’s how you sort of reassemble them to create this new thing that isn’t even on our menu, and they’re constantly coming up with new ideas.



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