Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and content marketing. You’ve probably heard about content marketing.

Content Marketing

It is defined by the Content Marketing Institute as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

Shot Gun Approach

Today, content and social media work hand in hand. You may have heard about the shotgun approach to marketing, a strategy where marketers blast out their messages to a bigger market as possible using a variety of channels. Now a shotgun shoots a number of bullets with the hope that at least some of them hit the target. In the same way, shotgun Marketing involves reaching as many people such as TV cable radio.

Rifle Gun Approach

On the other hand, a rifle brings things into focus takes care of life, and then only you pull the trigger. Rifle marketing thus typically involves selecting a target audience based upon their demonstrated interest.

For example, a paid TV commercial during the Superbowl ensures that 100 million-plus viewers watching the game get to view the ad, but apart from the awareness factor, how many of them are true Be interested in the product or the solution in question. This approach is simply no longer effective and yields very little return. Hence, a more targeted approach needs to be taken.

We need to move from using a shotgun to arriving. Today, content marketing is the favorite method of most marketers and social media platforms can give this form of content of voice and in doing so helped to raise brand awareness, build communities and drive incremental sales. Social media marketing is much more than building as many followers as you can or hunting for engagements, likes, shares, or retweets.

When you consider that 75% of b2b buyers now use social media to conduct research and gather intelligence, you can see why content marketing is an important component of any social media strategy. High-quality content has the best effect when its distributed over social media. Hence, many marketers say that social media and content marketing work in harmony, and when combined with search engine optimization activities, form the perfect mix.

Creating Meaningful Content

In order to create meaningful content that your target audience will find engaging and relevant, you firstly need to listen to the service to identify their needs, and requirements and understand what they care about.

Secondly, when distributing content on social networks, it’s a good idea to adhere to the 411.

To be successful with social media marketing, or business has to strike a balance between the amount of self-promotion it does and the amount of engagement and conversation it participates in. But if that’s what you do, you won’t get many followers, and you won’t be very successful. Taking Twitter as an example, for every self-serving tweet, you should retweet one relevant tweet, and most importantly, share four pieces of relevant content written by others.

In other words, share four pieces of relevant content created by others with your audience. Share one piece of your own content that helps your audience and demonstrates your expertise, and share one piece of sales-related content for your product or your service. For example, a coupon a press release, or a limited one-time offer.

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