Text and Search Ads

Text and Search Ads

Creating Text and Search Ads

In this post, we’re going to look at the ads that can show on search result pages, and how to create a text ad. So after looking at this post, you should be able to create a text ad. Google has some specific editorial policies, writes a call to action, chooses a proper landing page for your ad. Understand the value of PLA is known as product listing ads, and know when to use call-only ads.

Text and Search Ads

But first, we start with text ads. So text ads can show in search results on Google and search partners. And they can run across the display network.

Text ads are made up of five lines, if a headline a description, line one and description line two, sometimes just called the description, the display URL and the final URL.

The headline’s goal is to grab attention to your ad to make sure someone is seeing your ad and make sure that they’re actually related to what their query is. Your description line one is best to talk about a benefit of your product or service or a feature of it. description line two is good for a call to action. What do you want a user to do after clicking on your ad.

The display URL shows the domain of where the user is going to. And you can add some more descriptions to the display URL. But the goal with the display URL is it must be the root domain of where the user is actually going. So the final URL, which is not shown in the ad, is the actual URL user goes to the display URL is what you show in the ad, the final URL and display URL must end up on the same domain.

So for instance, if your display URL is google.com, your final destination URL can’t be microsoft.com. That must be that same root domain. So final URL is where the user actually goes after clicking on an ad display is what’s shown in the ad itself to the user.

Mobile Text and Search Ads

Now, a text ad can show on a desktop or a mobile device. If you have a text ad but shown on both devices, you can create a nother text ad and choose device preference mobile Ethan ad group has a one ad in it. That’s device preference, unchecked catch on any device and another ad. That’s device preference mobile.

Then most times your mobile preferred ad will show on mobile devices in your regular text ad on desktops and tablets. If an ad group only has mobile preferred ads, and then they can show on desktops as well. But to control your ad serving by device, you should have one tech stat that’s shown across devices. Then make a mobile preferred device preference checked mobile text ad. And now your mobile for that shows on mobile. Your ad that gets on and devices won’t show on mobile because you’ve got them all preferred on will show on the other devices. So it’s just a way of controlling your ad serving by the device.

Text Ad Character Limits

Now text ads have very specific character limits. The headline can be 25 characters, your description lines can be 35 characters, your display URL can be 255 characters, but only 35 actually show. So just important. Remember, text adds the headline short, it’s 25. description lines, anchors play URL 35 are shown in search results and you finally are pretty long. That’s it. That’s the URL the user actually goes to.

Text and Search Ads Editorial Policies

When you create text ads, there are some very specific editorial requirements that you must follow some of the more common ones to make sure you’re doing as you can’t use excessive capitalization. So in our description, line one we have an all uppercase description line one that’s going to be disapproved, you can go ahead and use title casing where each letter of a line is in uppercase characters.

Notice the words are in regular case. You can only use one exclamation point and that exclamation point can not be in the headline. So if you have Have two exclamation points that are an ad, it will be disapproved. If you have an exclamation point and the headline, it will be disapproved.

You can’t put a phone number in the ad. There are other ways to generate calls, we’ll talk what those mean get an ad extension in a different video. Any claim on the ad, money back guarantees, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee must be true. And it must be shown on the website.


Now one of the things that useful with an ad is to make sure you end it with a call to action. A call to action directs a user to take action. So if you look at your site, we think What do you want a user to do when they get to our site, we want them to buy a product.

If we want them to fill out a form, right to get a free quote, might say, you know, get a free quote today or call us for a free quote. Tell a user to do something.

So headline, you’re getting someone to go ahead and read the rest of your description line support, why someone should do business with you. The description line tool is really good for a call to action of what you want to user to do that within inaccurate, you can have multiple ads.

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