Top local search signals in SEO

Top local search signals-A

Now, after all, that, let’s move on to some other local signals. So the first most important signal is this acronym again, NAP name, address and phone number. The key here is that consistency. The next thing is keywords and titles. This is extremely convenient because it’s something you should be doing for SEO anyway. This is particular for title tags, which is something we’ve covered in the other videos.

Domain Authority

The next one is domain authority. So if you have an important domain, and important business, Google is going to use this as a signal when they’re doing a traditional local search. So when someone’s on their mobile, and they’re looking for a good restaurant, if you are an important restaurant in the city, you’re going to be more popular in both local search and traditional search. That’s domain authority.

Inbound Link Signals

The next one is inbound link signals. This again, might sound like familiar things that help you for traditional SEO, do the same for local.

The first one is anchor text. If you’re a great restaurant, hopefully, you’re going to have lots of bloggers, lots of magazines, and local online entities that are writing about you and linking to you. They’re naturally going to use your name and the name of your business in the review about you. These are the kinds of things that Google is looking for. Because these are what is effective online.

The last one is reviews and citations. But in this context, these have very specific definitions.It’s reviewed on specific local directories or business listings. And it’s both the quality of them, are you getting five stars and the quantity of them? Do you have 100 reviews, you 100 people care enough about your business to review you.

Top local search signals-B

Now the next one is a bit more complex, as it does require some programming on your website. This is called schema microdata, or structured data.


Schema is an agreed-upon programming standard by search engines, browsers and device manufacturers that directs the markup and display of specific content is typically content that is repetitive by nature. And therefore if it’s displayed in a consistent manner for all devices, browsers, and operating systems to know the content, then they can display it properly. You’ll find it in addresses, contact cards, dates, e-commerce products, reviews, people, places, creative works, and more. What we’re most concerned with here are the address and phone number.

By using schema when you add your address or phone number to your website, it enables the visitor to use the click to call a function on their phone when there’s a phone number on the website. In addition, using the address schema can open up a map when someone clicks on it to show the location. Utilising this schema provides clear data to the search engine that can be republished across a variety of channels. Now specifically for Google’s business listings. They give a very wide range of content for businesses to list so fill out as many areas of the business listing as you can. Business Hours payment types accepted phone numbers description Just reviews from Google and maybe even from your own website, you can link your social profiles and any events or promotions you have.

Business Listings

One of the biggest signals that we’ve seen growing importance is the number of pictures that you load into your business listings. Many times, businesses that have many photos will show up with more prominence than those that have little or no photos. So take advantage of the listing opportunities that Google provides.

Finally, the same behavioral signals that are used in the search are also used in the local search results. And this is because the search engines, especially Google can see how searchers interact with your local listing because it is in their system. The behavioral signals start with how many people search for your business. This is directly related to your local visibility and loyalty. So don’t forget about your local offline marketing.

Next, they measure how long someone views your listing, they count how many times the phone number is clicked for someone to call, or when someone clicks to find directions. In addition, there’s a button there for directions to be sent to a searcher’s phone if they’re using a PC or laptop. As people save the listing, check in or even visit. These all send important behavioral signals of popularity and loyalty, which contribute to your business’s visibility in local search.

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