Types of SEO and the best SEO practices


Types of SEO

The objectives for this POST are explaining the different types of SEO and the best SEO practices and highlighting tactics to avoid that are considered SEO spam.


In the world of SEO, there’s a lot of talk about SEO hacks. There are three types of SEO hacks that you should know about white hat, grey hat, and black hat. Each of these hats represents that type of technique used by people for optimization.


White hat is one of the types of seo. If you search for the definition of the term white hat, you may find that it relates to rightness or goodness. In the SEO domain. White Hat refers to techniques that are in compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, or any other search engines published guidelines.

So search engine optimizers, who do not stray from these defined techniques are white hat SEO, as they do not use techniques to deceive search engines by creating false relevance, by over-optimizing the website or trying inappropriate link building techniques.

To understand the Google Webmaster steps completely checked the following reading material where every SEO or business wanting to implement SEO should start is by reading the Google Webmaster Guidelines. There is a significant amount of helpful information there on developing, optimizing, and managing websites. The guidelines also provide specific parameters for acceptable tactics, as well as tactics to be avoided.


The benefits of white hat SEO is first and foremost security knowing that your tactics have been within the Google guidelines, and performed according to best practices. You can be confident in your work.  It also builds greater client trust when they know that you have adhered to the guidelines set forth by Google.

These efforts while they may take a bit longer to achieve last longer, and are more secure, according to Google’s guidelines, or any search engine for that matter. It presents a low risk, high reward situation.


Now unlike white hat SEO, black hat SEOs are those who do not comply with the Google Webmaster steps. They use all sorts of tips and tricks to fool the search engines. They may use various illegitimate techniques for false relevance, such as cloaking, false redirects, hidden text or links. doorway pages scraped content and abusing Rich Snippets.


Now, the benefit of black-hat SEO is that you could see your rankings increase much more quickly, which would bring more visitors and this would happen in a very short time. But remember, this also comes with high risk.

Going outside of the search engine guidelines, and implementing tactics that could be seen as Blackhat or borderline acceptable is playing a game. It’s a game of cat and mouse but you are the mouse if you choose to employ these tactics they may only be good until the search engine or Google catches on. The next algorithm update could bring about disastrous consequences.

constantly chasing tactics that escaped the search engine or attempt to fool the search engine. It’s a very risky activity and you’ll never be able to rest as it’s a game that keeps going in order to recover penalize sites or create new ones in their place.


grey hat SEOs may still use marginal tricks and techniques to fool the search engines such as keyword stuffing, duplicate or thin content blog comment spam, buying positive reviews, selling links and negative SEO which is maliciously harming competitors.

They may also use other tricks such as SEO squatting ,Google bombing, cybersquatting, private blog networks, and automating Google queries.

While some of these tactics may help with your rankings, it is certainly not a guarantee. In addition, since many of these tactics also target competitors it could help you but only if undetectable tactics are used. Many grey hats branch out into developing networks and produce an income by selling access or software.

Implementing these marginal tactics could gain you faster results, but they also come at a cost. It could be your reputation if found out. Other grey hats, or black hats can be vindictive if they feel slighted or threatened.

In addition, there is the threat of a penalty or exclusion from the search engine just as easily as rankings are gained. They could be lost. In addition, some of the tactics focus on search engines and users. 

The SEO hats helped distinguish different optimizers based on the techniques that they use. While black-hat SEOs employ techniques that are outside of the guidelines or conflict with them. Grey hat SEOs use marginal maybe some questionable tricks, but some are targeting competitors rather than search engines.

There are several best practices that will help ensure effective search engine optimization such as making your website for humans, not hiding content, employing good metadata, organizing your content utilizing headings, creating an organized website hierarchy, and using links to help your users rather than making them for search engines.


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