Understanding Facebook


How to use Facebook to promote your business, generate additional sales, enhance customer service, or further develop yourself as an expert in your fields.

You will be able to set up manage and use a Facebook company page. Use other Facebook tools like Facebook groups, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Live, setup, manage and use Facebook advertising, including its extensive targeting options and explain all the regulatory and legal aspects of using Facebook for your business, including the privacy of customer data in the new GDPR environment and branding and security and sign up for the Facebook blueprint examinations.

you should already have used Facebook, Facebook groups and Facebook Messenger. you will learn how to set up and manage your Facebook page and Facebook group.

Facebook Chatbots

How to use Facebook chatbots on Messenger learn how to run a Facebook Live broadcast set up and manage a Facebook ad account and learn how to create engaging content to share on Facebook.

We all know how powerful Facebook is in social media land and how Facebook is driving innovation and new functionalities that set the standard for many other social networks.

When you dig deeper into Facebook’s dominating position, you will find that although Facebook’s growth may be slowing down the growth of other Facebook products like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp is surging. And this gives businesses continuous opportunities to reach Facebook subscribers either organically or paint.

When you look at the top six social media networks excluding China by monthly usage you will see that Facebook takes four positions in the top five, facebook, whatsapp Facebook Messenger and Instagram. This says a lot about the size of Facebook and the opportunities Facebook offers businesses to reach Facebook subscribers.

Role of Marketing in the Future

marketing as we knew it from the early days has changed drastically. Where in the past marketing was about communicating to mass audiences from mass media like TV.

Nowadays, it’s all about targeting individuals through the media day prefer with the content they need or like It’s like saying selling without selling. And in this context, there are four key areas you need to think about in today’s marketing.

First, you need to have your own media channels on top of your website to share your content with your audiences.

Second, that content needs to be a mix of big and small stories that people can access anytime, anyplace on any device.

Third, that content must be created and designed in a way that it’s worth talking about for in order to reach your audiences. You need to capture your data so you can build individual relationships.

Social media landscape

Here you see Facebook in the context of the social media landscape. Facebook as a business takes on position 134 and six with Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

This is a tremendous position that Facebook has and it shows that Facebook is not just dependent on the Facebook application.

There is a second trend I can read in this chart. Facebook video and YouTube are leading the way when it comes to sharing videos.

Finally, discharge shows that messaging apps like WhatsApp, messenger and wechat are now seen as social media. platforms.

This follows the trends of businesses having more and more personalized online conversations with individual customers, Hoot suite and we are social.com publish an annual global digital report by country by social platform and many other factors. Here is some Facebook-related data.

There are lots of demographic data in the report as well. Here you see male, female and profile by age for Facebook.

Age Point of View On Facebook

The sweet spot from an age point of view on Facebook is between 18 and 34 years is known that younger people are leaving Facebook but bear in mind that many of these are not moving away from Facebook.

They are simply moving to other Facebook platforms like Instagram, Facebook, messenger and WhatsApp. If you want more specific data for Facebook Pages by country or by industry, or for specific brands, social bakers.com is a great site to use in the free version. You can access to lots of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube data.

If you want very specific Facebook data about users and vertical industries. Facebook developed Facebook IQ which gives you lots of insights reports and it even allows you to put your own reports together.


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