YouTube advertisements and Google+

YouTube advertisements and Google+

Now one of the things that is changing rapidly is the relationship between YouTube and Google Plus once upon a time, the only way you could set up a YouTube channel was to have a Google Plus account that’s been unbundled but recognize that this is still a work in progress. So do not and I repeat, do not delete anything yet. You know, at some point in time, you’ll be able to, you know, share content and do all the things that you want to do without necessarily having a Google Plus account tied to your YouTube account. So that is coming down the road shortly. But it’s not quite there yet. So be very, very careful what you do in this space.

Unlinking Youtube from Google+

One of the things that Google recommended for a number of years is that you link your YouTube account to your Google Plus account. In fact, for a while that was required, which will no longer be required going forward in the future. Basically, Google Plus and YouTube are breaking up. And that’s for a number of reasons. One, YouTube advertisements has basically improved the ranking system that reduces the visibility of junk comments. And so that was one of the benefits of tying it to Google Plus self. YouTube can do that without Google Plus, then that’s terrific. You don’t necessarily need to link them. And the rate of dislikes on comments has really dropped almost more than 35% across YouTube. So that seems to be working.

Comments that are made on YouTube now will only appear on YouTube. They won’t simultaneously appear in Google Plus. So again, unlinking your YouTube account from your Google Plus account will lead to that. And if you can avoid removing your Google Plus profile just now, don’t act prematurely recognize that down the road. you’ll be able to unlink things but don’t do it prematurely. Or you could delete your entire YouTube channel. Just recognize that this is coming. This is an update that Google has announced is in the works. But don’t act prematurely. And keep out, keep your attention open for news updates, because this is an evolving area. But there’s more information that’s becoming available day by day.

Benefits of YouTube advertisements and Google+

Even though you may not be required to link YouTube and Google Plus in the future down the road, there may still be benefits to tying the two together, let’s just review a couple of them. When linked, your top fan feature becomes visible.

In other words, one of the things that you can get in Google Plus is the ability to interact with your top fans separately. If you want to offer them, let’s say premium content or behind the scenes view, that becomes an interesting tactic you may still want to take advantage of .

Another thing that you can do if you tie both YouTube and Google Plus together is you basically can create videos through Google Plus Hangouts On Air, where you can basically take what is available in live streaming. And literally within half a minute after it is finished, turn that into a YouTube video on your channel. And again, that’s a benefit of linking these two accounts.

YouTube uploads can be automatically shared to your Google Plus feed if you want to if again, you decide to link these two things. And you can then share the video not only generally to Google Plus, but let’s say to a specific group of people in specific circles If for example, you’re trying to interact with some of your top fans,

and then multi-channel management is also available if you tie your YouTube account to your Google Plus account. In other words, multiple people can manage a YouTube channel without having them share login information. So again, although this is breaking up, although this is not going to be required in the future. It may be something you still want to take advantage of. So consider that.

Youtube Video Editor

There’s another tool that YouTube offers called the video editor. It lets you do a number of things. One of which is combined multiple videos that you’ve uploaded to create a brand new video that could be your greatest hits or highlights from a series that you’ve been creating. It also lets you trim your clips. So basically cut off the end that nobody’s watching or the beginning that seems to be killing your retention rate. So the trimming is a really useful feature. It can add music to your video from a library of pre-approved tracks, you don’t get into any copyright problems with that. And it also gives you some other capabilities like customizing your clips, with special effects.

And then you can publish this new video to YouTube with a single click. So if you haven’t checked it out, the tool is free. And it may be something that you might be interested in using.

Average View Frequency in YouTube advertisements

Now, in the material that Google provides to prepare you for this exam, they give you a glossary of terms. Some of those terms are pretty straightforward, but there’s one on there that I want to highlight. You may or may not be familiar with yet it is called average view frequency. And this is the measure of the number of times somebody views your ad over a given time period, say, you know, you pick it 30 days, whatever.

You can use this metric not only to understand if your video is engaging viewers but what you really want to do here with your average view frequency is the closer you are to one, the better off you are if somebody sees your video 23456 times you have the law of diminishing returns, it’s probably not working for you.

So if your average view frequency is currently like 1.49 that means that somebody has viewed your ad about one and a half times during the specific period that you’ve set. And again, you may want to make some adjustments so that people don’t see your ad more than once. You can have more than one ad so you may want to show them something else.

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