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Adwords and Trueviewer Ads

In this post, I am going to give you an overview of video youtube advertisements.It has over a billion users a month visit the site to watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos.

What’s interesting is more than half of these YouTube views come from mobile devices. what’s interesting with video advertising is you can decide where and when a video ad shows, and which potential customers can see it.

Benefits of YouTube advertisements

There are a number of benefits of advertising on YouTube, for example, you can connect with this huge worldwide audience. If you want to focus on let’s say, a local region. You have a lot of targeting options, you can reach the right people, you can show ads to groups that you’re focused on.

YouTube not only includes analytic tools in YouTube itself, like YouTube analytics, but AdWords for video also provides a lot of detail as well. So you can not find out what people are doing when they’re either watching your video organically or know watching your video ads.

Setup and Basics of YouTube advertisements

So one of the things that you need to understand about the setup is that TrueView ads are created from video content that you need to host on YouTube, you can’t host it on your website and use it as an ad you can’t host it somewhere else.

Now YouTube ads have to be set as a public or unlisted video of the public is pretty obvious, you’re pretty familiar with that you’re uploading it to YouTube.  But you can’t find it. It’s not visible. If somebody does a search, it’s not visible if comes to your channel, and it’s only accessible through the link to the video.

TrueView Ads Charges

TrueView ads only charge you when somebody chooses to watch the ad. And that means one of three things. If the person doesn’t skip that ad and watch that video for 30 seconds or more then the advertiser is charged.

Or if the ad happens to be shorter. Let’s say it’s only 15 seconds long.

Or if while the ad is running, somebody starts interacting with it, they click on, let’s say your Call to Action Overlay or one of the cards on your video, then again, you’re charged because they’ve interacted with it.

Link AdWords and Youtube

In fact, that’s where the power of video advertising actually comes in. And when you link your two accounts, you’re going to get access to additional video views statistics, you’re going to get access to features like the Call to Action Overlay.

you get access to things like remarketing and engagement statistics, so really does make sense to link the two accounts. But it’s also interesting to note that linking the accounts doesn’t merge the two for, you know, so for example, it won’t give, you know, the YouTube channel owner won’t have control over the AdWords account or vice versa.

Places where ads appear

And it doesn’t let the advertiser at the leader modify videos on the link channel. It just provides access to some of the data in two places. And you can link more than one AdWords account to your YouTube channel. And vice versa, you can link more than one YouTube channel to an AdWords account. So again, a lot of flexibility when you link your accounts. Now your ad can appear obviously on YouTube, but can also appear on some of the publisher sites on the Google Display Network, particularly the ones that accepted video, obviously. And increasingly, that’s more and more of them. And your ads will either appear next to videos that are in the YouTube Partnership Programme.

These are channels that have decided to monetize their videos by accepting advertising. Or they can also appear on videos that have been identified as claimed copyright content. Sometimes, somebody will take somebody else’s video, put it up on their channel, and the original content owner, the copyright owner has the option to monetize that copy if they want to. Many do. And frankly, a lot of us are served up on copies of a video that basically, the copyright owner has allowed to stay up, they obviously have the option of having a taken down but they leave it up so that they can monetize it by having ads served next to it. And those ad views can then generate revenue for the copyright owner.



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